Ubuntu UEC/EC2 Puppet Client Howto

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Configuring an amazon EC2 image to associate itself with your puppet master on boot was once an involved manual process requiring custom boot scripts and hand-rolling your own AMI. With the UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud) AMIs this is much more straightforward. As long as you use an AMI from this list youโ€™ll be able to pass information about the puppet master into the user-data field when booting the instance.

Simply modify the following and place it in the user-data field when booting your instance to automatically connect to your puppet master.

Note: indentation counts!

# This is an example file to automatically setup and run puppetd
# when the instance boots for the first time.
# Make sure that this file is valid yaml before starting instances.
# It should be passed as user-data when starting the instance.
 # Every key present in the conf object will be added to puppet.conf:
 # [name]
 # subkey=value
 # For example the configuration below will have the following section
 # added to puppet.conf:
 # [puppetd]
 # server=puppetmaster.example.org
 # certname=i-0123456.ip-X-Y-Z.cloud.internal
 # The puppmaster ca certificate will be available in 
 # /var/lib/puppet/ssl/certs/ca.pem
     server: "puppetmaster.mydomain.com"
     # certname supports substitutions at runtime:
     #   %i: instanceid 
     #       Example: i-0123456
     #   %f: fqdn of the machine
     #       Example: ip-X-Y-Z.cloud.internal
     # NB: the certname will automatically be lowercase as required by puppet
     certname: "%i-%f"
   # ca_cert is a special case. It won't be added to puppet.conf.
   # It holds the puppetmaster certificate in pem format. 
   # It should be a multi-line string (using the | yaml notation for 
   # multi-line strings).
   # The puppetmaster certificate is located in 
   # /var/lib/puppet/ssl/ca/ca_crt.pem on the puppetmaster host.
   ca_cert: |
     -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
     -----END CERTIFICATE-----

Thatโ€™s really all there is to it! Give the machine a few minutes to initialize and soon you will see a new certificate waiting to be signed by puppetca!

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