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showfsets - displays information about the filesets in a file domain  


/sbin/showfsets [-b|-q] [-k] domain [fileset...]



Lists the names of the filesets in a domain, without additional detail. Displays the total number of blocks and the number of free blocks in terms of 1K blocks instead of the default 512-byte blocks. Displays quota limits for filesets in a domain.


Specifies the full path name of the file domain. Specifies the name of one or more filesets.


The showfsets command displays the filesets (or clone filesets) and their characteristics in a specified domain. The characteristics of a fileset are: Fileset Identifier

A fileset identifier is a combination of the file-domain identifier and an additional set of numbers that identify the fileset within the file domain. For example, the fileset identifier 2be95ef4.000a129.1.8001 consists of the following: 2be95ef4.000a129 1.8001 Clone status
The status items of a clone fileset vary, depending on the fileset. Status items can include: Clone is
Specifies the name of a clone fileset, if one exists for the parent fileset. Clone of
Specifies the name of the parent fileset, if the displayed fileset is clone fileset. Revision
Specifies the number of times you revised a clone fileset. For example, if you recreate a clone fileset of the same parent fileset three times, the revision value is 3. Files
Specifies the number of files in the fileset and the current file usage limits (quotas). SLim, the soft limit, is a quota that can be exceeded for a fixed period of time and HLim, the hard limit, is a quota that cannot be exceeded. Blocks
Specifies the number of blocks that are in use by a mounted fileset and the current block soft and hard usage limits (quotas). For filesets that are not mounted, zero blocks will display. For an accurate display, the fileset must be mounted. Quota Status
Specifies which quota types are enabled (enforced).

The showfsets command with the -q option set displays block and file information for a specified domain or for one or more named filesets in the domain. The characteristics of a named fileset are: BF (block flag)

Specifies block usage limits. A + in this field means that the soft block usage is exceeded; a * means that the hard limit is reached. Block (512) Limits
Specifies the number of blocks used, the soft limit (the number of blocks that can be exceeded for a period of time), the hard limit (the number of blocks that cannot be exceeded), and the grace period (the remaining time for which the soft limit may be exceeded). File Limits
Specifies the number of files used, the soft and hard file limits for the fileset, and the grace period remaining.


You must have root-user privilege to access this command if the file domain is inactive (filesets unmounted).


The following example shows the command line and resulting display for the showfsets command: # showfsets usr_domain

         Id           : 2f1dabd6.00059d50.1.8001
         Clone is     : usr_clone
         Files        :    17644,  SLim=        0,  HLim=        0
         Blocks (512) :    90582,  SLim=   212000,  HLim=   256000
         Quota Status : user=on  group=on usr_clone
         Id           : 2f1dabd6.00059d50.3.8052
         Clone of     : usr
         Revision     : 82 The following example shows the command line and resulting display when the fileset quota option is set: # showfsets -q test_domain

                               Block (512) Limits             File Limits

   Fileset  BF  used soft hard grace  used soft hard grace
   fileset1 +-  1750 1500 2000 11:32    35  300  400



Commands:  advfs(4), chfsets(8), mkfset(8), rmfset(8)




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