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dxpower - Application for maintaining the Power Management subsystem  




The dxpower application is used to maintain and manage the Power Management features on Energy Star-compliant computers and peripherals. It allows you to specify which Power Management modes will be enabled and the amount of time to wait before shutting off each component in order to save power.

To open dxpower on your CDE desktop, perform the following steps: Click on the Application Manager icon. Double click on the System_Admin application group icon. Double click on the DailyAdmin application group icon. Double click on the Power Management icon.

If you are not using CDE, you can start dxpower from the command line as follows:

# /usr/bin/X11/dxpower When dxpower is executed, a Power Management window appears on your screen. The window provides check boxes for selecting particular modes of operation and scales for specifying dwell times.

For more information about how to use dxpower, start it and then click on the Help button at the lower right-hand corner of the window.

Power management can also be controlled from the command line. See the System Administration book for more information. delim off delim off




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