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iso8859-5, ISO8859-5 - A character encoding system (codeset) for Russian  


The left hand part of the ISO 8859-5 code table includes the same characters as defined in the ASCII codeset (see ascii(5)). The following characters occupy the right hand part of the ISO 8859-5 code table:








Character Set Designation

The graphic characters of ISO 8859-5 constitute a single coded character set. However, when this character set is implemented together with other coding standards, such as ISO 2022 or ISO 4873, the code table of this part of ISO 8859-5 is considered to be the following components: The character SPACE, represented by the bit combination 20(hex) A 94-character G0 graphic character set, represented by bit the combinations 21 to 7E(hex) A 96-character G1 graphic character set, represented by the bit combinations A0 to FF(hex)

For information on the G0 and G1 character set designations, refer to iso2022(5).

When required by other coding standards, for example ISO 2022 or ISO 4873, the following pair of escape sequences are used to designate the G0 and the G1 sets, respectively:

ESC 28 42 or ESC ( B ESC 2D 4C or ESC - L

According to ISO 2022, the character SPACE does not require designation.

Font Support for ISO 8859-5

For 75dpi and 100dpi display devices, the operating system provides the following ISO 8859-5 DECwindows fonts: Arial font family

-monotype-arial-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-arial-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-arial-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-arial-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-arial-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-arial-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-arial-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-arial-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 Courier font family
-monotype-courier-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-courier-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-courier-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-courier-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-courier-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-courier-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-courier-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-courier-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-5 Nimrod font family
-monotype-nimrod-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-nimrod-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-nimrod-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-nimrod-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-nimrod-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-nimrod-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-nimrod-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-nimrod-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 Plantin font family
-monotype-plantin-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-plantin-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-plantin-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-plantin-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-plantin-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-plantin-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-plantin-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-plantin-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 Terminal font family
-dec-terminal-bold-r-double wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-bold-r-narrow--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-bold-r-wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-double wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-narrow--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-normal--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-bold-r-double wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-bold-r-narrow--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-bold-r-wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-double wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-narrow--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-normal--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 -dec-terminal-medium-r-wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-5 Times New Roman font family
-monotype-times new roman-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-times new roman-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-times new roman-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-times new roman-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-times new roman-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-times new roman-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-times new roman-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5 -monotype-times new roman-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-5

For PostScript printers, the operating system provides the following ISO 8859-5 fonts: Arial fonts

Arial-Bold-ISOLatin5 Arial-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 Arial-Italic-ISOLatin5 Arial-ISOLatin5 ArialNarrow-Bold-ISOLatin5 ArialNarrow-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 ArialNarrow-Italic-ISOLatin5 ArialNarrow-ISOLatin5 Book Antiqua fonts
BookAntiqua-Bold-ISOLatin5 BookAntiqua-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 BookAntiqua-Italic-ISOLatin5 BookAntiqua-ISOLatin5 Bookman fonts
BookmanOldStyle-Bold-ISOLatin5 BookmanOldStyle-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 BookmanOldStyle-Italic-ISOLatin5 BookmanOldStyle-ISOLatin5 Century Gothic fonts
CenturyGothic-Bold-ISOLatin5 CenturyGothic-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 CenturyGothic-Italic-ISOLatin5 CenturyGothic-ISOLatin5 Century Schoolbook fonts
CenturySchoolbook-Bold-ISOLatin5 CenturySchoolbook-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 CenturySchoolbook-Italic-ISOLatin5 CenturySchoolbook-ISOLatin5 Courier fonts
Courier-Bold-ISOLatin5 Courier-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 Courier-Italic-ISOLatin5 Courier-ISOLatin5 Monotype Corsiva font
MonotypeCorsiva-ISOLatin5 Times New Roman fonts
TimesNewRoman-Bold-ISOLatin5 TimesNewRoman-BoldItalic-ISOLatin5 TimesNewRoman-Italic-ISOLatin5 TimesNewRoman-ISOLatin5

For general information on printing non-English text, refer to i18n_printing(5).

Compose-Character Sequences

The following table specifies the character elements that produce another character when you use the compose-character input method with a keyboard that supports the ISO 8859-5 character set. Refer to keyboard(5) for general information on the compose-character input method.

Sequence ElementSequence ElementResulting Character

nonspacing circumflexspacecircumflex
nonspacing gravespacegrave
slashnonspacing circumflexbar
nonspacing tildespacetilde



Commands: locale(1)

Others: ascii(5), i18n_intro(5), i18n_printing(5), iconv_intro(5), iso2022(5), keyboard(5), l10n_intro(5), Russian(5)



Character Set Designation
Font Support for ISO 8859-5
Compose-Character Sequences

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