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terminfo - Describes terminals by capability  


A terminfo file is a database that describes the capabilities and method of operation of various terminals. The database includes definitions of initialization sequences, padding requirements, cursor positioning, and other command sequences that control specific terminals.

Before a terminfo source file can be used, it must be compiled using the tic command. The compiled terminfo entries are placed into subdirectories of the /usr/lib/terminfo directory. This directory may be redefined with the TERMINFO environment variable. See the EXAMPLES section for more information on using the TERMINFO environment variable.

Each terminfo file entry consists of a number of fields separated by commas. Any white space between commas is ignored. The first field for each terminal supplies the names the terminal is known by, separated by vertical bars (|). The first name given is the most common abbreviation for the terminal, the last name given is a long name fully identifying the terminal, and all others are synonyms for the terminal name. All names except the last are in lowercase and do not contain any white space.

The fields following the terminal name supply the capabilities of the terminal. Although capability names have no absolute length limit, an informal limit of 5 characters is adopted to keep them short and to allow the tabs in the source file caps to be aligned. Whenever possible, names are chosen to be the same as or similar to the ANSI X3.64 standard of 1979.

Terminal names (except the last) are chosen using the following conventions. A root name is chosen to represent the particular hardware class of the terminal. This name does not contain hyphens, except to avoid synonyms that conflict with other names. Possible modes for the hardware or user preferences are indicated by appending a - (hyphen) and one of the following suffixes: With automatic margins (usually default) Color mode Wide mode (more than 80 columns) Without automatic margins Number of lines on the screen No arrow keys (leave them in local) Number of pages of memory Reverse video

Thus, a vt100 terminal in 132-column mode would be vt100-w.

Capabilities in the terminfo file are of three types: Boolean capabilities indicate that the terminal has some particular feature. Boolean capabilities are evaluated as true if the corresponding name is in the terminal description. Numeric capabilities give the size of the terminal or the size of particular delays. String capabilities give a sequence that can be used to perform particular terminal operations.

To continue an entry onto multiple lines, place white space at the beginning of each subsequent line. Include a comment on a line beginning with the # (number sign) character. To comment out an individual capability, precede it with a . (dot).  

List of Capabilities

The following table shows the C variable (which the programmer uses to access the terminfo capabilities), the capability name (the short name used in the text of the database), the 2-letter internal code used in the compiled database (always corresponding to a termcap capability name), and a short description of each capability.


auto_left_marginbwbwIndicates cub1 wraps from column 0
(zero) to last column.
auto_right_marginamamIndicates terminal has automatic
back_color_erasebcebeScreen erased with background
beehive_glitchxsbxsIndicates a terminal with F1=<esc>
and F2=<Ctrl-c>.
can_changecccccTerminal can re-define existing
ceol_standout_glitchxhpxsIndicates standout not erased by
col_addr_glitchxhpaYAOnly positive motion for hpa/mhpa
cpi_changes_rescpixYFChanging character pitch changes
cr_cancels_micro_modecrxmYBUsing a carriage return
turns off micro mode.
eat_newline_glitchxenlxnIgnores newline character after
80 columns.
erase_overstrikeeoeoErases overstrikes with a
generic_typegngnIndicates generic line type (such as
dialup, switch).
hard_copyhchcIndicates hardcopy terminal.
hard_cursorchtsHCCursor is hard to see.
has_meta_keykmkmIndicates terminal has a meta key
(shift, sets parity bit).
has_print_wheeldaisyYCPrinter needs operator to change
character set.
has_status_linehshsIndicates terminal has extra status
hue_lightness_saturationhlshlTerminal uses only HLS color
notation (Tektronix).
insert_null_glitchininIndicates insert mode distinguishes
lpi_changes_reslpixYGChanging line pitch changes
memory_abovedadaRetains information above display in
memory_belowdbdbRetains information below display in
move_insert_modemirmiIndicates safe to move while in insert
move_standout_modemsgrmsIndicates safe to move in standout
needs_xon_xoffnxonnxPadding will not work, xon/xoff
non_rev_rmcupnrrmcNR smcup does not reverse rmcup.
no_pad_charnpcNP Pad character does not exist.
over_strikeosos Indicates terminal overstrikes.
prtr_silentmc5i5i Printer will not echo on screen.
row_addr_glitchxvpaYDOnly positive motion for rpa/mvpa
semi_auto_right_marginsamYEPrinting in last column causes a
carriage return.
status_line_esc_okeslokesIndicates escape can be used on the
status line.
teleray_glitchxtxtIndicates destructive tabs and blanks
inserted while entering standout mode.
tilde_glitchhzhzIndicates terminal cannot print ~
(tilde) characters.
transparent_underlineulul Overstrikes with underline character.
xon_xoffxonxo Indicates terminal uses xon/xoff handshaking.


buffer_capacitybufszYa Number of bytes buffered before printing.
columnscolsco Specifies the number of columns in a line.
dot_horz_spacingspinhYc Spacing of dots horizontally in dots per inch.
dot_vert_spacingspinvYb Spacing of pins vertically in pins per inch.
init_tabsitit Provides tabs initially every #1 spaces.
label_heightlhlh Number of rows in each label.
label_widthlwlw Number of columns in each label.
lineslinesli Specifies the number of lines on screen or page.
lines_of_memorylmlm Specifies the number of lines of memory if greater than the number of lines on the screen. A value of 0 (zero) indicates that the number of lines is variable.
magic_cookie_glitchxmcsg Indicates number of blank characters left by smso or rmso.
max_colorscolorsCo Maximum number of colors on the screen.
max_micro_addressmaddrYd Maximum value in micro_..._address.
max_micro_jumpmjumpYe Maximum value in parm_..._micro.
max_pairspairspa Maximum number of color-pairs on the screen.
micro_col_sizemcsYf Character step size when in micro mode.
micro_line_sizemlsYg Line step size when in micro mode.
no_color_videoncvNC Video attributes that cannot be used.
number_of_pinsnpinsYh Number of pins in print-head.
num_labelsnlabNl Number of labels on screen (start at 1).
output_res_charorcYi Horizontal resolution in units per character.
output_res_lineorlYj Vertical resolution in units per line.
output_res_horz_inchorhiYk Horizontal resolution in units per inch.
output_res_vert_inchorviYl Vertical resolution in units per inch.
padding_baud_ratepbpb Indicates lowest baud where carriage return and line return padding is needed.
virtual_terminalvtvt Indicates virtual terminal number.
wide_char_sizewidcsYn Character step size when in double.
width_status_lineswslws Specifies the number of columns in status line.


acs_charsacscacGraphic character set pairs
alt_scancode_escscescaSYAlternate escape for scancode
appl_defined_strapstrzaApplication-defined terminal
back_tabcbtbtBack tab. (P)
bellbelblProduces an audible signal (bell).
bit_image_carriage_returnbicrYvMove to beginning of same row
(use tparm).
bit_image_newlinebinelZzMove to next row of the bit image
(use tparm).
bit_image_repeatbirepXyRepeat bit-image cell #1 #2 times
(use tparm).
box_chars_1box1bxBox characters primary set.
box_chars_2box2byBox characters alternate set.
box_attr_1batt1BxAttributes for box_chars_1.
box_attr_2batt2ByAttributes for box_chars_2.
carriage_returncrcrIndicates carriage return. (P*)
change_char_pitchcpiZAChange number of characters per
change_scroll_regioncsrcsChanges scroll region to lines 1
through 2. (PG)
change_line_pitchlpiZBChange number of lines
per inch.
change_res_horzchrZCChange horizontal
change_res_vertcvrZDChange vertical
char_paddingrmprPSimilar to insert_padding,
but when in replace mode.
char_set_namescsnmZyList of character set
clear_all_tabstbcctClears all tab stops. (P)
clear_marginsmgcMCClear all margins (top, bottom,
and sides).
clear_screenclearclClears screen and puts cursor in
home position. (P*)
clr_bolel1cbClear to beginning of line,
clr_eolelceClears to end of line. (P)
clr_eosedcdClears to end of the display. (P*)
code_set_initcsinciInit sequence for multiple
color_bg_0colb0d0Background color 0 black.
color_bg_1colb1d1Background color 1 red.
color_bg_2colb2d2Background color 2 green.
color_bg_3colb3d3Background color 3 brown.
color_bg_4colb4d4Background color 4 blue.
color_bg_5colb5d5Background color 5 magenta.
color_bg_6colb6d6Background color 6 cyan.
color_bg_7colb7d7Background color 7 white.
color_fg_0colf0c0Foreground color 0 white.
color_fg_1colf1c1Foreground color 1 red.
color_fg_2colf2c2Foreground color 2 green.
color_fg_3colf3c3Foreground color 3 brown.
color_fg_4colf4c4Foreground color 4 blue.
color_fg_5colf5c5Foreground color 5 magenta.
color_fg_6colf6c6Foreground color 6 cyan.
color_fg_7colf7c7Foreground color 7 black.
color_namescolornmYwGive name for color
column_addresshpachSets cursor column. (PG)
command_charactercmdchCCIndicates terminal command
prototype character can be set.
cursor_addresscupcmIndicates screen relative cursor
motion row #1 col #2. (PG)
cursor_downcud1doMoves cursor down one line.
cursor_homehomehoMoves cursor to home position
(if no cup).
cursor_invisiblecivisviMakes cursor invisible.
cursor_leftcub1leMoves cursor left one space.
cursor_mem_addressmrcupCMIndicates memory relative
cursor addressing.
cursor_normalcnormveMakes cursor appear normal
(undo vs or vi).
cursor_rightcuf1ndIndicates nondestructive space
(cursor right).
cursor_to_llllllMoves cursor to first column of last
line (if no cup).
cursor_upcuu1upMoves cursor up one line
(cursor up).
cursor_visiblecvvisvsMakes cursor very visible.
define_bit_image_regiondefbiYx Define rectangular bit-image region
(use tparm).
define_chardefcZEDefine a character in a character
delete_characterdch1dcDeletes character. (P*)
delete_linedl1dlDeletes line. (P*)
device_typedevtdvIndicate language/codeset
display_pc_chardispcSPDisplay PC character.
dis_status_linedsldsDisables status line.
down_half_linehdhdIndicates subscript (forward 1/2
ena_acsenacseAEnable alternate character
end_bit_image_regionendbiYyEnd a bit-image region (use
enter_alt_charset_modesmacsasStarts alternate character set (P)
enter_am_modesmamSZTurn on automatic margins
enter_blink_modeblinkmbEnables blinking
enter_bold_modeboldmdEnables bold (extra bright) mode
enter_ca_modesmcuptiBegins programs that use cup
enter_delete_modesmdcdmStarts delete mode
enter_dim_modedimmhEnables half-bright mode
enter_doublewide_modeswidmZFEnable double wide printing
enter_draft_qualitysdrfqZGSet draft quality print
enter_insert_modesmirmStarts insert mode
enter_italics_modesitmZHEnable italics
enter_leftward_modeslmZIEnable leftward carriage motion
enter_micro_modesmicmZJEnable micro motion capabilities
enter_near_letter_qualitysnlqZKSet near-letter quality print
enter_normal_qualitysnrmqZLSet near-letter quality print
enter_pc_charset_modesmpchSQEnter PC character display mode
enter_protected_modeprotmpEnables protected mode.
enter_reverse_moderevmrEnables reverse video mode
enter_scancode_modesmscSTEnter PC scancode mode
enter_secure_modeinvismkEnables blank mode (characters
enter_shadow_modesshmZMEnable shadow printing
enter_standout_modesmsosoBegins standout mode.
enter_subscript_modessubmZNEnable subscript printing
enter_superscript_modessupmZOEnable superscript printing
enter_underline_modesmulusStarts underscore mode.
enter_upward_modesumZPEnable upward carriage motion
enter_xon_modesmxonSXTurn on xon/xoff handshaking
erase_charsechecErases #1 characters. (PG)
exit_alt_charset_modermacsaeEnds alternate character set. (P)
exit_am_modermamRATurn off automatic margins
exit_attribute_modesgr0meDisables all attributes.
exit_ca_modermcupteEnds programs that use cup.
exit_delete_modermdcedEnds delete mode.
exit_doublewide_moderwidmZQDisable double wide printing
exit_insert_modermireiEnds insert mode.
exit_italics_moderitmZRDisable italics.
exit_leftward_moderlmZSEnable rightward (normal).
exit_micro_modermicmZTDisable micro motion capabilities.
exit_pc_charset_modermpchSSDisable PC character display mode.
exit_scancode_modermscSUDisable PC scancode mode.
exit_shadow_modershmZUDisable shadow printing.
exit_standout_modermsoseEnds standout mode.
exit_subscript_modersubmZVDisable subscript printing.
exit_superscript_modersupmZWDisable superscript printing.
exit_underline_modermulueEnds underscore mode.
exit_upward_moderumZXEnable downward (normal).
exit_xon_modermxonRXTurn off xon/xoff handshaking.
flash_screenlashvbIndicates visual bell (may not move
font_0font0f0Select font 0.
font_1font1f1Select font 1.
font_2font2f2Select font 2.
font_3font3f3Select font 3.
font_4font4f4Select font 4.
font_5font5f5Select font 5.
font_6font6f6Select font 6.
font_7font7f7Select font 7.
form_feedffffEjects page (hardcopy terminal).
from_status_linefslfsReturns from status line.
init_1stringis1i1Initializes terminal.
init_2stringis2i2Initializes terminal.
init_3stringis3i3Initializes terminal.
init_fileififIdentifies file containing is.
initialize_colorinitcIcInitialize the definition of color.
initialize_pairinitpIpInitialize color-pair.
insert_characterich1icInserts character. (P)
insert_lineil1alAdds new blank line. (P*)
insert_paddingipipInserts pad after character
inserted. (P*)
key_actionkactkJSent by the action key.
key_backspacekbskbSent by the backspace key.
key_back_tabkbtabk0Sent by the backtab key.
key_begkbeg@1KEY_BEG, sent by the
beg(inning) key.
key_btabkcbtkBKEY_BTAB, sent by the back-tab
key_cancelkcan@2KEY_CANCEL, sent by the cancel
key_catabktbckaSent by the clear-all-tabs
key_clearkclrkCSent by the clear-screen or erase
key_closekclo@3KEY_CLOSE, sent by the close
key_copykcpy@5KEY_COPY, sent by the copy key.
key_createkcrt@6KEY_CREATE, sent by the create
key_ctabkctabktSent by the clear-tab key.
key_commandkcmdkcCommand request key.
key_command_panekcpnkWCommand pane key.
key_dckdch1kDSent by the delete-character key.
key_dlkdl1kLSent by the delete-line key.
key_dokdokiDo request key.
key_downkcud1kdSent by the terminal cursor down
key_eickrmirkMSent by rmir or smir in insert
key_endkendkwEnd key.
key_enterkent@8KEY_ENTER, sent by the
enter/send key.
key_eolke1kESent by the clear-to-end-of-line
key_eoskedkSSent by the clear-to-end-of-screen
key_exitkext@9KEY_EXIT, sent by the exit key.
key_f0kf0k0Sent by function key F0.
key_f1kf1k1Sent by function key F1.
key_f2kf2k2Sent by function key F2.
key_f3kf3k3Sent by function key F3.
key_f4kf4k4Sent by function key F4.
key_f5kf5k5Sent by function key F5.
key_f6kf6k6Sent by function key F6.
key_f7kf7k7Sent by function key F7.
key_f8kf8k8Sent by function key F8.
key_f9kf9k9Sent by function key F9.
key_f10kf10kSent by function key F10.
key_f11kf11k<Sent by function key F11.
key_f12kf12k>Sent by function key F12.
key_f13kf13k!Sent by function key F13.
key_f14kf14k@Sent by function key F14.
key_f15kf15k#Sent by function key F15.
key_f16kf16k$Sent by function key F16.
key_f17kf17k%Sent by function key F17.
key_f18kf18k^Sent by function key F18.
key_f19kf19k&Sent by function key F19.
key_f20kf20k*Sent by function key F20.
key_f21kf21k(Sent by function key F21.
key_f22kf22k)Sent by function key F22.
key_f23kf23k-Sent by function key F23.
key_f24kf24k_Sent by function key F24.
key_f25kf25k+Sent by function key F25.
key_f26kf26k,Sent by function key F26.
key_f27kf27k:Sent by function key F27.
key_f28kf28k?Sent by function key F28.
key_f29kf29k[Sent by function key F29.
key_f30kf30k]Sent by function key F30.
key_f31kf31k{Sent by function key F31.
key_f32kf32k}Sent by function key F32.
key_f33kf33k|Sent by function key F33.
key_f34kf34k~Sent by function key F34.
key_f35kf35k/Sent by function key F35.
key_f36kf36k=Sent by function key F36.
key_f37kf37FRKEY_F(37) sent by function key
key_f38kf38FSKEY_F(38) sent by function key
key_f39kf39FTKEY_F(39) sent by function key
key_f40kf40FUKEY_F(40) sent by function key
key_f41kf41FVKEY_F(41) sent by function key
key_f42kf42FWKEY_F(42) sent by function key
key_f43kf43FXKEY_F(43) sent by function key
key_f44kf44FYKEY_F(44) sent by function key
key_f45kf45FZKEY_F(45) sent by function key
key_f46kf46FaKEY_F(46) sent by function key
key_f47kf47FbKEY_F(47) sent by function key
key_f48kf48FcKEY_F(48) sent by function key
key_f49kf49FdKEY_F(49) sent by function key
key_f50kf50FeKEY_F(50) sent by function key
key_f51kf51FfKEY_F(51) sent by function key
key_f52kf52FgKEY_F(52) sent by function key
key_f53kf53FhKEY_F(53) sent by function key
key_f54kf54FiKEY_F(54) sent by function key
key_f55kf55FjKEY_F(55) sent by function key
key_f56kf56FkKEY_F(56) sent by function key
key_f57kf57FlKEY_F(57) sent by function key
key_f58kf58FmKEY_F(58) sent by function key
key_f59kf59FnKEY_F(59) sent by function key
key_f60kf60FoKEY_F(60) sent by function key
key_f61kf61FpKEY_F(61) sent by function key
key_f62kf62FqKEY_F(62) sent by function key
key_f63kf63FrKEY_F(63) sent by function key
key_findkfnd@0KEY_FIND sent by find key
key_helpkhlpkqHelp key.
key_homekhomekhSent by home key.
key_ickich1kISent by insert character/enter
insert mode key.
key_ilkil1kASent by insert line key.
key_leftkcub1klSent by terminal cursor left key.
key_llkllkHSent by home-down key.
key_markkmrk%2KEY_MARK, sent by mark key.
key_messagekmsg%3KEY_MESSAGE, sent
by message key.
key_movekmov%4KEY_MOVE, sent by move key.
key_newlineknlknNew-line key.
key_next_paneknpnkvNext-pane key.
key_npageknpkNSent by next-page key.
key_openkopn%6KEY_OPEN, sent by open key.
key_optionskopt%7KEY_OPTIONS, sent
by options key.
key_ppagekppkPSent by previous-page key.
key_prev_cmdkpcmdkpSent by previous-command key.
key_prev_panekppnkVPrevious pane key.
key_previouskprv%8KEY_PREVIOUS, sent
by previous-object.
key_printkprt%9KEY_PRINT, sent by print or copy
key_quitkquitkQQuit key.
key_redokrdo%0KEY_REDO, sent by redo key.
key_referencekref&1KEY_REFERENCE, sent
by ref(erence) key.
key_refreshkrfr&2KEY_REFRESH, sent
by refresh key.
key_replacekrpl&3KEY_REPLACE, sent by replace
key_restartkrst&4KEY_RESTART, sent by restart
key_resumekres&5KEY_RESUME, sent by resume
key_rightkcuf1krSent by terminal cursor right key.
key_saveksav&6KEY_SAVE, sent by save key.
key_sbegkBEG&9KEY_SBEG, sent
by shifted beginning key.
key_scancelkCAN&0KEY_SCANCEL, sent
by shifted cancel key.
key_scommandkCMD*1KEY_SCOMMAND, sent
by shifted cmd (command) key.
key_scopykCPY*2KEY_SCOPY, sent
by shifted copy key.
key_screatekCRT*3KEY_SCREATE, sent
by shifted create key.
key_scroll_leftksclkzScroll left.
key_scroll_rightkscrkZScroll right.
key_sdckDC*4KEY_SDC, sent
by shifted delete-char key.
key_sdlkDL*5KEY_SDL, sent
by shifted delete-line key.
key_selectkselkUSelect key.
key_sendkEND*7KEY_SEND, sent by shifted end
key_seolkEOL*8KEY_SEOL, sent
by shifted clear-line key.
key_sexitkEXT*9KEY_SEXIT, sent by shifted exit
key_sfkindkFSent by scroll-forward/down key.
key_sf1ksf1S1Special function key 1.
key_sf2ksf2S2Special function key 2.
key_sf3ksf3S3Special function key 3.
key_sf4ksf4S4Special function key 4.
key_sf5ksf5S5Special function key 5.
key_sf6ksf6S6Special function key 6.
key_sf7ksf7S7Special function key 7.
key_sf8ksf8S8Special function key 8.
key_sf9ksf9S9Special function key 9.
key_sf10ksf10SASpecial function key 10.
key_sfindkFND*0KEY_SFIND, sent
by shifted find key.
key_shelpkHLP#1KEY_SHELP, sent
by shifted help key.
key_shomekHOM#2KEY_SHOME, sent
by shifted home key.
key_sickIC#3KEY_SIC, sent
by shifted input key.
key_sleftkLFT#4KEY_SLEFT, sent
by shifted left-arrow.
key_smap_in1kmpf1KvInput for special mapped key 1.
key_smap_out1kmpt1KVOutput for mapped key 1.
key_smap_in2kmpf2KwInput for special mapped key 2.
key_smap_out2kmpt2KWOutput for mapped key 2.


key_smap_in3kmpf3KxInput for special mapped key 3.
key_smap_out3kmpt3KXOutput for mapped key 3.
key_smap_in4kmpf4KyInput for special mapped key 4.
key_smap_out4kmpt4KYOutput for mapped key 4.
key_smap_in5kmpf5KzInput for special mapped key 5.
key_smap_out5kmpt5KZOutput for mapped key 5.
key_smap_in6kmpf6KrInput for special mapped key 6.
key_smap_out6kmpt6KROutput for mapped key 6.
key_smap_in7kmpf7KsInput for special mapped key 7.
key_smap_out7kmpt7KSOutput for mapped key 7.
key_smap_in8kmpf8KtInput for special mapped key 8.
key_smap_out8kmpt8KTOutput for mapped key 8.
key_smap_in9kmpf9KuInput for special mapped key 9.
key_smap_out9kmpt9KUOutput for mapped key 9.
key_smessagekMSG%aKEY_SMESSAGE, sent
by shifted message.
key_smovekMOV%bKEY_SMOVE, sent
by shifted move key.
key_snextkNXT%cKEY_SNEXT, sent
by shifted next key.
key_soptionskOPT%dKEY_SOPTIONS, sent
by shifted options.
key_spreviouskPRV%eKEY_SPREVIOUS, sent
by shifted previous key.
key_sprintkPRT%fKEY_SPRINT, sent
by shifted print key.
key_srkrikRSent by scroll-backward/up key.
key_sredokRDO%gKEY_SREDO, sent by shifted redo
key_sreplacekRPL%hKEY_SREPLACE, sent
by shifted replace key.
key_srightkRIT%iKEY_SRIGHT, sent
by shifted right arrow key.
key_srsumekRES%jKEY_SRSUME, sent
by shifted resume key.
key_ssavekSAV!1KEY_SSAVE, sent by save key
key_ssuspendkSPD!2KEY_SSUSPEND, sent by
shifted suspend key.
key_stabkhtskSent by set-tab key.
key_sundokUND!3KEY_SUNDO, sent by shifted
undo key.
key_suspendkspd&7KEY_SUSPEND, sent by suspend
key_tabktabkoTab key.
key_undokund&8KEY_UNDO sent by undo key.
key_upkcuu1kuSent by terminal cursor up key.
keypad_localrmkxkeEnds keypad transmit mode.
keypad_xmitsmkxksPuts terminal in keypad transmit
lab_f0f0l0Labels function key F0 if not F0.
lab_f1lf1l1Labels function key F1 if not F1.
lab_f2lf2l2Labels function key F2 if not F2.
lab_f3lf3l3Labels function key F3 if not F3.
lab_f4lf4l4Labels function key F4 if not F4.
lab_f5lf5l5Labels function key F5 if not F5.
lab_f6lf6l6Labels function key F6 if not F6.
lab_f7lf7l7Labels function key F7 if not F7.
lab_f8lf8l8Labels function key F8 if not F8.
lab_f9lf9l9Labels function key F9 if not F9.
lab_f10lf10laLabels function key F10 if not F10.
label_offrmlnLFTurn off soft labels.
label_onsmlnLOTurn on soft labels.
meta_onsmmmmEnables meta mode (8th bit).
meta_offrmmmoDisables meta mode.
micro_column_addressmhpaZYLike column_address for
micro adjustment.
micro_downmcud1ZZLike curser_down for micro
micro_leftmcub1ZaLike cursor_left for micro
micro_rightmcuf1ZbLike cursor_right for micro
micro_row_addressmvpaZcLike row_address micro
micro_upmcuu1ZdLike cursor_up for micro
newlinenelnwPerforms newline function.
(behaves like a carriage return
followed by a linefeed).
order_of_pinsporderZeMatches software bits to
print-head pins.
orig_colorsococSet all color(-pair)s to the original
orig_pairopopSet default color-pair to the original
pad_charpadpcPad character (instead of null).
parm_dchdchDCDeletes #1 characters. (PG*)
parm_delete_linedlDLDeletes #1 lines. (PG*)
parm_down_cursorcudDOMoves cursor down #1 lines. (PG*)
parm_down_micromcudZfLike parm_down_cursor for
micro adjustment.
parm_ichichICInserts #1 blank characters. (PG*)
parm_indexindnSFScrolls forward #1 lines. (PG)
parm_insert_lineilALAdds #1 new blank lines. (PG*)
parm_left_cursorcubLEMoves cursor left #1 spaces. (PG)
parm_left_micromcubZgLike parm_left_cursor for micro
parm_right_cursorcufRIMoves cursor right #1 spaces.
parm_right_micromcufZhLike parm_right_cursor for
micro adjustment.
parm_rindexrinSRScrolls backward #1 lines. (PG)
parm_up_cursorcuuUPMoves cursor up #1 lines. (PG*)
parm_up_micromcuuZiLike parm_up_cursor for micro
pc_term_optionspctrmSVPC terminal options.
pkey_keypfkeypkPrograms function key F1 to type
string #2.
pkey_localpflocplPrograms function key F1 to
execute string #2.
pkey_plabpfxlxlProg key #1 to xmit string #2 and
show string #3.
pkey_xmitpfxpxPrograms function key F1 to xmit
string #2.
plab_normplnpnProgram label #1 to show string #2
print_screenmc0psPrints contents of the screen.
prtr_offmc4pfDisables the printer.
prtr_onmc5poEnables the printer.
repeat_charreprpRepeats character #1 twice. (PG*)
req_for_inputrfiRFSend next input char (for ptys)
reset_1stringrs1r1Resets terminal to known modes.
reset_2stringrs2r2Resets terminal to known modes.
reset_3stringrs3r3Resets terminal to known modes.
reset_filerfrfIdentifies the file containing reset
restore_cursorrcrcRestores cursor to position of
last sc.
row_addressvpacvPositions cursor to an absolute
vertical position (set row). (PG)
save_cursorscscSaves cursor position. (P)
scancode_escapescescSWEscape for scancode emulation.
scroll_forwardindsfScrolls text up. (P)
scroll_reverserisrScrolls text down. (P)
select_char_setscsZjSelect character set.
set0_des_seqs0dss0Shift into codeset 0 (EUC set 0,
set1_des_seqs1dss1Shift into codeset 1.
set2_des_seqs2dss2Shift into codeset 2.
set3_des_seqs3dss3Shift into codeset 3.
set_a_backgroundsetabABSet background color using ANSI
set_a_foregroundsetafAFSet foreground color using ANSI
set_attributessgrsaDefines the video attributes. (PG*)
set_backgroundsetbSbSet current background color.
set_bottom_marginsmgbZkSet bottom margin at current line.
set_bottom_margin_parmsmgbpZlSet bottom margin at line #1 or #2
set_bottom_margin_parmsmgbpZlSet bottom margin at line #1 or #2
set_color_bandsetcolorYzChange to ribbon color #1.
set_color_pairscpspSet current color-pair.
set_foregroundsetfSfSet current foreground color1.
set_left_marginsmglMLSet left margin at current line.
set_left_margin_parmsmglpZmSet left (right) margin at column
#1 (#2).
set_lr_marginsmglrlrSets both left and right margins.
set_page_lengthslinesYZSet page length to #1 lines (use
set_right_marginsmgrMRSet right margin at current column.
set_right_margin_parmsmgrpZnSet right margin at column #1
set_tabhtsstSets a tab in all rows, current
set_tb_marginsmgtbMTSets both top and bottom margins.
set_top_marginsmgtZoSet top margin at current line.
set_top_margin_parmsmgtpZpSet top (bottom) margin at line #1
set_windowwindwiIndicates current window is lines #1
to #2 cols #3 to #4.
start_bit_imagesbimZqStart printing bit image graphics.
start_char_set_defscsdZrStart definition of a character set.
stop_bit_imagerbimZsEnd printing bit image graphics.
stop_char_set_defrcsdZtEnd definition of a character set.
subscript_characterssubcsZuList of ``subscript-able ''
superscript_characterssupcsZvList of ``superscript-able''
tabhtaTabs to next 8-space hardware
tab stop.
these_cause_crdocrZwPrinting any of these characters causes a
carriage return.
to_status_linetsltsMoves to status line, column #1.
underline_charucucUnderscores one character and
moves beyond it.
up_half_linehuhuIndicates superscript (reverse 1/2
xoff_characterxoffcXFX-off character.
xon_characterxoncXNX-on character.
zero_motionzeromZxNo motion for the subsequent character.
init_progiprogiPLocates the program for init.
key_a1ka1K1Specifies upper left of keypad.
key_a3ka3K3Specifies upper right of keypad.
key_b2kb2K2Specifies center of keypad.
key_c1kc1K4Specifies lower left of keypad.
key_c3kc3K5Specifies lower right of keypad.
prtr_nonmc5ppOEnables the printer for #1 bytes.

Notes to table: Indicates that padding can be specified. Indicates that the string is passed through tparm with parameters as given (#i). Indicates that padding can be based on the number of lines affected. Indicates the ith parameter.  


The following is an uncompiled terminfo entry for the xterm terminal type: xterm|vs100|xterm terminal emulator,
        ind=^J, cols#80, lines#25,
        clear=E[HE[2J, cub1=^H, am, cup=E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dH,
        cuf1=E[C, cuu1=E[A, el=E[K, ed=E[J,
        cud=E[%p1%dB, cuu=E[%p1%dA, cub=E[%p1%dD,
        cuf=E[%p1%dC, km,
        smso=E[7m, rmso=E[m, smul@, rmul@,
        bold=E[1m, rev=E[7m, blink=@, sgr0=E[m,
        rs1=E>E[1;3;4;5;6lE[?7hE[mE[rE[2JE[H, rs2=@
        kf1=EOP, kf2=EOQ, kf3=EOR, kf4=EOS, ht=^I, ri=EM,
        vt@, xon@, csr=E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dr,
        il=E[%p1%dL, dl=E[%p1%dM, il1=E[L, dl1=E[M,
        ich=E[%p1%d@, dch=E[%p1%dP, ich1=E[@, dch1=E[P,

The first line of the xterm entry contains two names for the terminal type (xterm and vs100), and a third name that fully describes the terminal. When the terminfo entry is compiled with the tic command, entries are made in /usr/lib/terminfo/x/xterm and /usr/lib/terminfo/v/vs100, unless the TERMINFO environment variable was used to redefine the default path. The TERMINFO environment variable is useful when testing a new entry, or when you do not have write permission for the /usr/lib/terminfo directory tree. For example, if the TERMINFO environment variable is set to /usr/raj/test, the tic command places the compiled terminfo entries into /usr/raj/test/x/xterm and /usr/raj/test/v/vs100. The TERMINFO environment variable is also referenced by programs that use terminfo (such as vi), so the new entry can be tested right away.

The second line of the xterm entry says that pressing a Ctrl-j causes the screen to scroll up, and that the screen dimensions are 80 columns by 24 lines.

The third line of the entry sets the string that clears the screen (ESCAPE followed by "[H", another ESCAPE, and then the string "[2J"), defines <Ctrl-h> as the backspace key, and declares that the terminal has automatic margins. The string for relative cursor movement is also specified, using terminfo parameter syntax.

The rest of the capabilities are declared likewise. The last line of the entry reads "use=vt100-am"", meaning that the vt100-am terminal entry should be read first as the basis for the xterm terminal entry, with the capabilities explicitly defined overriding their default vt100-am values. Note that the smul, rmul, vt, and xon capabilities are removed by following them with an @ (at sign).  


Functions: curses(3)

Commands: tic(1)

J. Strang, L. Mui, and T. O'Reilly. Termcap and Terminfo. Sebastapol, California: O'Reilly and Associates, Inc., 1990. delim off



List of Capabilities

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