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advfs_err - Lists and describes error messages  


This following list provides the error number and a brief description of the error: EHANDLE_OVF

Out of memory. EINVALID_HANDLE
The access structure handle is out of range. E_DOMAIN_PANIC
This is an internal AdvFS error that occurs when an AdvFS routine fails due to the domain already being paniced. The error propagates to the user as E_IO. EDUP_VD
The volume is already in use by a domain. EBAD_VDI
The specified volume index is not a valid index in the domain. ENO_SUCH_DOMAIN
The specified domain does not exist. ENO_SUCH_TAG
The bitfile does not exist. ENO_MORE_DOMAINS
The maximum number of file domains are active; cannot activate another file domain. EBAD_DOMAIN_HANDLE
The specified domain handle is not valid. E_PAGE_NOT_MAPPED
The specified file page is not allocated and does not exist. ENO_XTNTS
An advfs internal error when opening a file causes file storage to be inaccessible. EBAD_TAG
The file tag is not what was expected. EXTND_FAILURE
Out of extents to describe disk blocks. ENO_MORE_BLKS
The domain is out of disk space. ENOT_SUPPORTED
The requested function is not currently supported. EBAD_PARAMS
Invalid parameters were passed to the kernel. The likely cause is that the command or utility belongs to a previous version of the product, while the system is running a later version. EBMTR_NOT_FOUND
The file metadata was not found. ETOO_MANY_SERVICE_CLASSES
Service class array overflow. EBAD_SERVICE_CLASS
The disk service class does not match the service class array entry. ESERVICE_CLASS_NOT_FOUND
The requested service class does not exist. ESERVICE_CLASS_NOT_EMPTY
There is an attempt to delete a service class that still has a disk in it. EBAD_FTX_AGENTH
Invalid transaction identification. EBAD_PAR_FTXH
Invalid parent transaction handle. EFTX_TOO_DEEP
Transactions are nested too deeply. EBAD_FTXH
Invalid transaction handle. EBAD_STO_DESC
The storage descriptor for the storage requested is invalid. ENO_MORE_MEMORY
The file system (advfs) ran out of memory. ENO_MORE_MCELLS
A file descriptor could not be allocated. The system is most likely out of disk space. EALREADY_ALLOCATED
Attempt to add storage to a file at a specified page offset and the page at that offset already exists. E_NO_MORE_LOG_DESC
Too many threads are reading the transaction log. E_CANT_CREATE_LOG
There was a failure during log initialization. E_VOLUME_COUNT_MISMATCH
The number of volumes in /etc/fdmns/domain_name does not match the number of volumes in the BMT. E_LOG_EMPTY
There are no transactions in the log. E_LOG_FULL
There is no more room for transactions in the log. E_INVALID_REC_ADDR
The log entry has an invalid LSN. E_BAD_CLIENT_REC_ADDR
No such log entry exists. E_CANT_ACCESS_LOG
An error occurred while creating the file domain transaction log, initializing the file domain transaction log, or both. Since you cannot use the file domain, you must recreate it. E_DOMAIN_NOT_ACTIVATED
The file domain is not active; it must be active to perform the requested function. E_DOMAIN_NOT_CLOSED
Some thread is still accessing the domain during domain activation. E_CANT_DISMOUNT_VD1_ACTIVE_DOMAIN
Dirty buffers prevent the fileset from being dismounted. E_BAD_VERSION
The command or utility version does not match the advfs kernel version. See EBAD_PARAMS (-1042). E_VD_BFDMNID_DIFF
The volume has the wrong domain ID. E_CANT_FIND_LOG_END
There is an error in finding the end of the log. E_BAD_MCELL_LINK_SEGMENT
A file's primary mcell has a nonzero linkSegment. E_VD_DMNATTR_DIFF
Some of the disks listed in fdmns directory for the file domain do not belong to the file domain. The fdmns directory entry for this file domain is invalid. E_MUST_BE_ROOT
You must have root privilege to perform the requested function. E_TAG_EXISTS
Specified tag to use next already is in use. E_DOMAIN_ALREADY_EXISTS
The specified file domain already exists. E_NO_SUCH_BF_SET
The specified fileset does not exist. E_BAD_BF_SET_HANDLE
The specified bitfile set handle is invalid. E_TOO_MANY_BF_SETS
The maximum number of filesets are mounted. Cannot mount the fileset. E_TOO_MANY_ACCESSORS
The fileset is active (mounted). The fileset must be inactive (unmounted) to perform the requested function. E_NOT_ENOUGH_DISKS
There is no more room on the disks in the selected service class. E_BAD_DEV
The file domain volume is an invalid device. E_ADVFS_NOT_INSTALLED
The file system (advfs) is not installed or it is installed but the new kernel (vmunix) is not currently running; in the latter case, you need to reboot the system to complete the advfs installation. E_READ_ONLY
The file set is read only. E_TOO_MANY_CLONES
The specified fileset has the maximum number of clone filesets. You cannot create another clone fileset. E_OUT_OF_SYNC_CLONE
The clone file is no longer correct due to running out of disk space during a copy on write. E_HAS_CLONE
The original fileset has a clone fileset. The original fileset must not have a clone fileset to perform the requested function. E_TOO_MANY_BITFILES
The number of files in the fileset has exceeded the quota. E_TOO_MANY_BLOCKS
The number of disk blocks used by a fileset has exceeded the quota. E_QUOTA_NOT_ENABLED
The quota type is not enabled. E_IO
I/O error detected. E_NO_MORE_DQUOTS
Out of memory. E_DUPLICATE_SET
The fileset already exists. E_CANT_CLONE_A_CLONE
You cannot create a clone fileset from a clone fileset. E_ACCESS_DENIED
Permission denied for the requested function. E_BLKOFFSET_NOT_PAGE_ALIGNED
During migration, a disk block offset in an extent is not page aligned. E_CANT_MIGRATE_HOLE
An attempt to migrate a sparse file page range and all the pages in the range do not exist. E_NOT_OWNER
The user, who is not the owner of the AdvFS resource, has attempted an AdvFS operation, such as changing an AdvFS fileset name. E_MIGRATE_IN_PROGRESS
An attempt to migrate a file failed because another thread is already migrating the file. Only one active migrate is allowed for a specified file. E_INVALID_FS_VERSION
The installed version of advfs is not compatible with the on-disk file domain. E_INVALID_ADVFS_STRUCT
The on-disk file domain structures are invalid. E_PAGE_HOLE
The page offset specified for the file is within a sparse file hole. E_TOO_MANY_VIRTUAL_DISKS
The maximum number of volumes per domain has been reached. ENO_NAME
The file system (advfs) cannot generate the path name of a file because the original path name has been deleted. EDIR_NOT_ADVFS
A trashcan operation was attempted on a non-advfs directory. EUNDEL_DIR_NOT_ADVFS
A user attempted to use a non-advfs directory for a trashcan. EDUPLICATE_DIRS
A user attempted to attach a directory to itself as a trashcan. EDIFF_FILE_SETS
A user attempted to attach a trashcan to a directory in a different fileset. A trashcan must be in the same fileset as the directory. E_BAD_MAGIC
The specified disks do not contain a valid advfs file domain. E_BAD_PAGESIZE
An advfs internal error when opening a file causes the file storage to be inaccessible. E_NO_DMN_VOLS
The file domain contains no volumes. E_BAD_TAGDIR
There is a corrupted page in the tag directory. E_ALREADY_SWITCHING_LOGS
A request to switch log volumes was made to a domain that is in the process of switching log volumes. E_NO_UNDEL_DIR A user attempted to remove a trashcan from a directory that has no trashcan. E_QUOTA_NOT_MAINTAINED The quota type is not maintained. E_BMT_NOT_EMPTY
An attempt to remove a volume failed because the contents of the inode table could not be moved off of the volume. E_ROOT_TAGDIR_ON_VOL
An attempt to remove a volume failed because the root tag directory is located on the specified volume and could not be moved off of the volume. E_LOG_ON_VOL
An attempt to remove a volume failed because the log is located on the specified volume and could not be moved off of the volume. E_VOL_NOT_IN_SVC_CLASS
The selected disk is not in the requested service class. E_WOULD_BLOCK
The request call to lgr_flush_start would block. E_ALREADY_STRIPED
An attempt to stripe a file that is already striped. E_NO_CLONE_STG
An attempt to migrate a clone but the clone has no storage of its own. E_BAD_PAGE_RANGE
The specified page range is not valid. E_INVOLUNTARY_ABORT
A migrate operation has been aborted by another thread. For example, a remove volume operation can cause a file's migrate to abort. E_RMVOL_ALREADY_INPROG
A remove volume operation on a volume in the specified domain is already active. There can only be one active remove volume operation per domain.






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