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Section: C Library Functions (3)
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csin, ccos, cdiv, cexp, clog, cmul, cpow, csqrt - Complex functions  


Math Library (libm.a)  


#include <math.h>

double_complex csin    (double x, double y);
float_complex csinf   (float x, float y);
double_complex ccos    (double x, double y);
float_complex ccosf   (float x, float y);
double_complex cdiv    (double a, double b, double c, double d);
float_complex cdivf   (float a, float b, float c, float d);
double_complex cexp    (double x, double y);
float_complex cexpf   (float x, float y);
double_complex clog    (double x, double y);
float_complex clogf   (float x, float y);
double_complex cmul    (double a, double b, double c, double d);
float_complex cmulf   (float a, float b, float c, float d);
double_complex cpow    (double a, double b, double c, double d);
float_complex cpowf   (float a, float b, float c, float d);
double_complex csqrt   (double x, double y);
float_complex csqrtf   (float x, float y);


These functions can only be called from languages that support the double_complex and float_complex data types.

csin() and csinf() compute the sine of a complex number.

ccos() and ccosf() return the cosine of a complex number.

cdiv() and cdivf() return the quotient of two complex numbers: (a+ib)/(c+id).

cexp() and cexpf() return the exponential of a complex number.

clog() and clogf() return the natural logarithm of a complex number.

cmul() and cmulf() return the product of two complex numbers. cmul(a,b,c,d) is equivalent to (a + ib) * (c + id).

cpow() and cpowf() raise a complex base (a + ib) to a complex exponent (c + id). cpow(a,b,c,d) is equivalent to e**((c + id) ln(a + ib)).

csqrt() and csqrtf() compute the square root of a complex number, x + iy. The real part of csqrt is greater than or equal to zero.

FunctionExceptional ArgumentRoutine Behavior

csin(), csinf()|y| = infinity invalid argument
csin(), csinf()(sinh x sin y) > max_float overflow
csin(), csinf()(cosh x cos y) > max_float overflow
ccos(), ccosf()|y| = infinity invalid argument
ccos(), ccosf()(sin x sinh y) > max_float overflow
ccos(), ccosf()(cos x cosh y) > max_float overflow
cdiv(), cdivf()c=0 and d=0 divide by zero
cdiv(), cdivf()a=b=c=d=0 invalid argument
cexp(), cexpf()|y| = infinity invalid argument
cexp(), cexpf()|e**x cos y| > max_float overflow
cexp(), cexpf()|e**x sin y| > max_float overflow
cexp(), cexpf()|e**x cos y| < min_float underflow
cexp(), cexpf()|e**x sin y| < min_float underflow
clog(), clogf()y=0 and x=0 invalid argument
clog(), clogf()|x| = |y| = infinity invalid argument
cpow(), cpowf()sqrt(a**2 + b**2) > max_floatoverflow
cpow(), cpowf()c/2 * ln(a**2 + b**2) > max_floatoverflow
cpow(), cpowf()c/2 * ln(a**2 + b**2) overflow
       - (d * atan2(b,c)) > max_float

ValueDataHexadecimal ValueDecimal Value

max_float F_FLOAT FFFF7FFF 1.701411e38

G_FLOAT FFFFFFFFFFFF7FFF 8.988465674311579e307

S_FLOAT 7F7FFFFF 3.402823e38

T_FLOAT 7FEFFFFFFFFFFFFF 1.797693134862316e308
min_float F_FLOAT 00000080 2.9387359e-39

G_FLOAT 0000000000000010 5.562684646268003e-309

S_FLOAT 00000001 1.4012985e-45

T_FLOAT 0000000000000001 4.940656458412465e-324



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