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Section: User Commands (1)
Updated: 1 February 1999
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math - Mathematica kernel  




The math command runs the Mathematica kernel under a shell. The full Mathematica system with its notebook front end is started under the X Window System using mathematica.

Mathematica is an integrated system for technical computing, with extensive numerical, symbolic, graphical, programming, and interfacing capabilities.

math normally reads lines from standard input, waiting until a syntactically complete expression has been entered, then evaluates the expression and prints any result to standard output. Input and output can be redirected by commands within the Mathematica language.

math -mathlink provides a program-level interface to the Mathematica kernel, exchanging commands and data through the MathLink communication standard.

math normally produces graphics in PostScript form, sending them to a file or external command specified by the Mathematica variable $Display. (See motifps and psrender.)

math reads the initialization file init.m, if it exists, and executes Mathematica commands in this file. math searches for init.m first in user-specific directories ~/.Mathematica/4.0/Kernel and then in a site-wide directory Configuration/Kernel within the main Mathematica directory, usually /usr/local/mathematica.

If no command-line options are explicitly given, math will read the values of the operating system variable $MATHINIT and will use these values like command lines.

Unless the Mathematica variable $IgnoreEOF is set to True, Mathematica exits when it receives an end-of-file. It will always exit when given the input Quit.

The math command is a shell script, which runs an executable named MathKernel. The math shell script temporarily modifies the Unix PATH environment variable. The new path variable is used when shell commands are issued from inside Mathematica.



-initfile file
Read the specified initialization file.
-initpath directory
Read Mathematica init.m file in the specified directory.
Print information on interactions with the mathlm network license manager, mathlm.
Communicate via MathLink. This switch should be used only by MathLink-compatible programs such as the Mathematica notebook front end.
Do not run initialization files.
-password name
Use the specified Mathematica password.
-pwfile file
Read Mathematica passwords from the specified file.
-pwpath directory
Read Mathematica passwords from the file mathpass in the specified directory.
-run command
Run the specified Mathematica commands.
-x file
Set up the state of the session from the specified dump file. This option is not supported on some machines.



File locations are determined at installation time, or when the Mathematica distribution CD-ROM is mounted.  


mathematica(1), mathlm(1), mcc(1)

Online documentation available through the Help menu within the Mathematica notebook front end

S. Wolfram, The Mathematica Book, 4th ed., Wolfram Media/Cambridge University Press, 1999

Getting Started with Mathematica (distributed with Mathematica)

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Mathematica and MathLink are registered trademarks of Wolfram Research.

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