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na_license - license Data ONTAP services


license [service = code] ...

DEPRECATED, use one of the following alternate forms instead.

license add code ...

license delete service ...


The license command enables you to enter license codes for specific Data ONTAP services. The license codes are provided by Network Appliance. With no arguments, the license command prints the current list of licensed services, their codes, the type of license, and, if it is a time limited license, the expiration date. It also shows the services that are not licensed for your filer, or if a time limited licensed service has expired.

The filer is shipped with license codes for all purchased services, so you should only need to enter the license command after you have purchased a new service or after you reinstall the file system.

To disable a license, use `license delete service'.

All license codes are case-insensitive.

The following list describes the services you can license:

a_sis for Advanced Single Instance Storage available only on Nearstore(R) platforms.

cifs for CIFS.

cluster for clusters.

cluster_remote for remote clustering.

disk_sanitization for disk sanitization.

fcp for FCP.

gateway for the generic Gateway product.

gateway_hitachi for the Hitachi Gateway product.

http for HTTP.

iscsi for iSCSI.

nearstore_option for Nearstore(R) personality on a filer.

nfs for NFS.

rapid_recovery for Restore-on-Demand for SnapVault Primary.

smdomino for SnapManager for Domino

smsql for SnapManager for SQL

snapmanagerexchange for SnapManager for Exchange

snapmirror for SnapMirror

snapmirror_sync for synchronous SnapMirror

snaprestore for SnapRestore.

snaplock for SnapLock volume support.

snaplock_enterprise for SnapLock Enterprise volume support.

snapmover for SnapMover support.

snapvalidator for SnapValidator support.

sv_linux_pri for SnapVault Linux Primary

sv_ontap_pri for SnapVault ONTAP Primary

sv_ontap_sec for SnapVault ONTAP Secondary

sv_unix_pri for SnapVault Unix Primary

sv_windows_pri for SnapVault Windows Primary

sv_windows_ofm_pri for SnapVault Windows Open File Manager Primary

syncmirror_local for Local SyncMirror

vfiler for MultiStore

vld for SnapDisk

Capacity based licenses will display the configured filesystem limit. These capacity limits will be checked weekly, and any license whose limit is exceeded will cause an EMS/syslog notification to occur.


The following example enables NFS:

toaster> license add ABCDEFG

  nfs license enabled.
       nfs enabled.

The following example disables CIFS:

toaster> license delete cifs

  unlicense cifs.
       cifs will be disabled upon reboot.


You must enable the licenses for the same Data ONTAP(tm) services on both filers in a cluster, or takeover does not function properly. When you enable or disable a license on one filer in a cluster, the filer reminds you to make the same change on its partner.

You can disable the cluster license only if both of the following conditions are true:

The filer is not in takeover mode.

You have used the cf disable command to disable cluster failover.


The command completed successfully.

The command failed due to unusual cirumstances.

There was a syntax error in the command.

There was an invalid argument provided.



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