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na_download - install new version of Data ONTAP


download [ -f ]


This command will be deprecated. Please use software update.

download copies Data ONTAP executable files from the /etc/boot directory to the filer's boot block on the disks from which the filer boots.

Depending on system load, download may take many minutes to complete. If you are executing download from the console, until it finishes, you will not be able to use the console. You can cancel the download operation by hitting Ctrl-C in the first 6 seconds.

The process of updating ONTAP consists of obtaining a new copy of ONTAP, unpacking and copying release files to /etc/boot (usually provided by scripts), and issuing the download command from the filer prompt.

http://now.netapp.com provides a Software Downloads section which contains various ONTAP releases and scripts to process those releases. For more information about how to install files for the new release, see the upgrade instructions that accompany each release.

To install a new version of Data ONTAP, extract the files for the new release onto the filer from either a CIFS or an NFS client that has write access to the filer's root directory.

After the filer reboots, you can verify the version of the newly installed software with the version command.


Non-Flash boot filers

When the filers are not in takeover mode, the download command only applies to the filer on which you enter the command. When the filers are in takeover mode, you can enter the download command in partner mode on the live filer to download the Data ONTAP executable files from the partner's /etc/boot directory to the partner's disks.

Flash boot filers

download command only applies to the filer on which you enter the command. download command is explicitly not allowed in takeover mode on filers which have a flash device as their primary boot device

Under no circumstances does it work for you to enter the download command once to download the executable files to both filers in a cluster. Therefore, when you upgrade the software on a cluster, you must enter the download command on each filer after installing the system files on each filer. This way, both filers will reboot with the same Data ONTAP(tm) version.


Gives no warnings and prompts no questions during download


directory of Data ONTAP executables. Files are place in /etc/boot after the tar or setup.exe has decompressed them. These files vary from release to release.


na_partner(1), na_version(1), na_boot(5).

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