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transmission-remote - a remote control utility for transmission-daemon1 and transmission(1)  


-words [host:port | host | port ] [-a filenames-or-URLs [-b ] ] [-d number | -D ] [-er | ep | et ] [-f ] [-g files ] [-gpr peers ] [-G files ] [-gsr ratio ] [-GSR ] [-h ] [-i ] [-l ] [-m | M ] [-n user:pass ] [-N netrc ] [-o | O ] [-p port ] [-ph files ] [-pl files ] [-pn files ] [-pr peers ] [-r ] [-R ] [-s | S ] [-sr ratio ] [-SR ] [-srd ] [-si ] [-t all | id | hash ] [-u number | -U ] [-v ] [-V ] [-w download-dir ] [-x | X ] [-pi ]  


is a remote control utility for transmission(1) and transmission-daemon1.

By default, connects to the transmission session at localhost:9091. Other sessions can be controlled by specifying a different host and/or port.



-a --add filenames-or-URLs Add torrents to transmission.

-b --debug
Enable debugging mode.

-d --downlimit limit
Limit the global download speed to limit kilobytes per second.

-D --no-downlimit
Remove the global download limit.

-er --encryption-required
Encrypt all peer connections.
-ep --encryption-preferred
Prefer encrypted peer connections.
-et --encryption-tolerated
Prefer unencrypted peer connections.

-f --files
Get a file list for the current torrent(s)

-g --get all | file-index | files
Mark file(s) for download. all marks all all of the torrent's files for downloading, file-index adds a single file to the download list, and files adds multiple files to the download list, such as "-g1,3-5" to add files #1, #3, #4, and #5 to the download list.

-G --no-get all | file-index | files
Mark file(s) for not downloading.

-gsr --global-seedratio ratio
All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed until a specific ratio

-GSR --no-global-seedratio
All torrents, unless overridden by a per-torrent setting, should seed regardless of ratio

-h --help
Print command-line option descriptions.

-i --info id | torrent-hash
Show details of the current torrent(s)

-si --session-info
List session information from the server

-l --list
List all torrents

-m --portmap
Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP
-M --no-portmap
Disable portmapping

-n --auth username:password
Set the username and password for authentication

-N --netrc filename
Set the authentication information from a netrc file. See netrc(5) for more information.

-o --dht
Enable distributed hash table (DHT).
-O --no-dht
Disable distribued hash table (DHT).

-p --port port
Set the port for use when listening for incoming peer connections

-pn --priority-normal all | file-index | files
Mark file(s) as normal priority. all marks all of the torrent's files as normal priority, file-index sets a single file's priority as normal, and files sets multiple files' priorities as normal, such as "-pn1,3-5" to normalize files #1, #3, #4, and #5.

-ph --priority-high all | file-index | files
Mark file(s) as high priority.

-pl --priority-low all | file-index | files
Mark file(s) as low priority.

-pr --peers number
Set the current torrent(s)' maximum number of peers

-gpr --global-peers number
Set the maximum number of peers allowed globally

-r --remove
Remove the current torrent(s). This does not delete the downloaded data.

Remove the current torrent(s) and delete their downloaded data.

Move the current torrents' data from their current locations to the specified directory.

Tell Transmission where to look for the current torrents' data.

-sr --seedratio ratio
Let the current torrent(s) seed until a specific ratio

-SR --no-seedratio
Let the current torrent(s) seed regardless of ratio

-srd --seedratio-default
Let the current torrent(s) use the global seedratio settings

-s --start
Start the current torrent(s)

-S --stop
Stop the current torrent(s) from downloading or seeding

-t --torrent all | id | torrent-hash
Set the current torrent(s) for use by subsequent options. all will apply following requests to all torrents, while specific torrents can be chosen by id or hash To set more than one current torrent, join their ids or hashes together in a list, such as "-t2,4,6-8" to operate on the torrents whose IDs are 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8.

-u --uplimit limit
Limit the global upload speed to limit kilobytes per second.
-U --no-uplimit
Remove the global upload limit.

-v --verify
Verify the current torrent(s)

-V --version
Show version number and exit

-w --download-dir directory
Use directory as the default location for newly added torrents to download files to.

-x --pex
Enable peer exchange (PEX).
-X --no-pex
Disable peer exchange (PEX).

-pi --peer-info
List the current torrent's connected peers. In the `status' section of the list, the following shorthand is used:



Set download and upload limits to 100 KiB/sec and 20 KiB/sec:

$ transmission-remote -d100 -u20
$ transmission-remote --downlimit=100 --uplimit=20

List all torrents' IDs and states:

$ transmission-remote -l

List all torrents from a remote session that requires authentication:

$ transmission-remote host:9091 --auth=username:password -l

Start all torrents:

$ transmission-remote -tall --start

Add two torrents:

$ transmission-remote -a one.torrent two.torrent

Add all torrents in ~/Desktop:

$ transmission-remote -a ~/Desktop/*torrent

Get detailed information on the torrent whose ID is '1':

$ transmission-remote -t1 -i

Get a list of a torrent's files:

$ transmission-remote -t1 -l

Download only its second and fourth files:

$ transmission-remote -t1 -Gall -g2,4

Set all torrents' first two files' priorities to high:

$ transmission-remote -tall -ph1,2

Set all torrents' files' priorities to normal:

$ transmission-remote -tall -pnall



An -nosplit An Charles Kerr , An Josh Elsasser , An Eric Petit , and An Mitchell Livingston .



transmissioncli(1), transmission-daemon1, transmission(1)




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