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Section: STREAMS Modules (7M)
Updated: 13 Aug 1998
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jconv7 - code conversion STREAMS module (7-bit JIS/Japanese EUC)  


#include <sys/types.h> 

#include <sys/stropt.h> 

#include <sys/conf.h> 

ioctl(fd, I_PUSH, "jconv7");


jconv7 is a STREAMS module that is available to be pushed onto a stream. Usually, this module has to be pushed onto a stream between a raw device such as ptem(7M) and terminal line discipline module such as ldterm(7M).

jconv7 has to be pushed when you set 7-bit JIS terminal and control Japanese EUC data. It converts up stream for 7-bit JIS code into Japanese EUC and passes high module. It also converts down stream for Japanese EUC into 7-bit JIS code and passes low module.  


jconv7 processes the following ioctls. JA_SKIOC and JA_GKIOC are specified pointer to the next structure as argument:

struct kioc {
        char ki;
        char ko;

JA_SKIOC Change the 3rd character of JIS kanji and ASCII indication escape sequence.

JA_GKIOC Return the 3rd character of current JIS kanji and ASCII indication escape sequence.

EUC_OXLON Start performing code conversion between 7-bit JIS and Japanese EUC for I/O stream.

EUC_OXLOFF Stop performing code conversion between 7-bit JIS and Japanese EUC for I/O stream.



jtty(1), setterm(1), stty(1), streamio(7I), jconv8(7M), jconvrs(7M), jconvru(7M),jconvs(7M), jconvu(7M), ldterm(7M), ptem(7M)  


When you use jconv7 with jconvrs(7M) or jconvru(7M) at once and `raw' is specified by stty(1), code convert function automatically become off without specification by EUC_OXLON / EUC_OXLOFF. By default, character set indication escape sequences as follows. The end character may be changed by JA_SKIOC.

• ASCII indication: ESC 2/8 4/10

• Character indication: ESC 2/4 4/2

• Convert with JIS X 0201 Kana: SI/SO

jconv7 does not support Kanji code for Information Interchange (secondary kanji set) provided by JIS X 0212-1990.

When jconv7 is in use, csh(1) does not work properly for filename additional function.




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