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Section: Device and Network Interfaces (7)
Updated: 7 Dec 1999
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Intro_jfp, intro_jfp - introduction to JFP special files  


This section describes various device and network interfaces available on the system. The types of interfaces described include character and block devices, STREAMS modules, network protocols, file systems, and ioctl requests for driver subsystems and classes.

This section contains the following major collections:

(7I) This section describes ioctl requests which apply to a class of drivers or subsystems. Ioctl requests relevant to only a specific device are described on the man page for that device. The page for the device in question should still be examined for exceptions to the ioctls listed in section 7I.

(7M) This section describes STREAMS modules. Note that STREAMS drivers are discussed in section 7D. streamio(7I) contains a list of ioctl requests used to manipulate STREAMS modules and interface with the STREAMS framework. Ioctl requests specific to a STREAMS module will be discussed on the man page for that module.



add_drv(1M), rem_drv(1M), intro(2), ioctl(2), socket(3SOCKET), driver.conf(4), intro(7), arp(7P), icmp(7P), inet(7P), ip(7P), mtio(7I), st(7D), streamio(7I), tcp(7P), udp(7P)

STREAMS Programming Guide

Writing Device Drivers  


Name Description

Intro_jfp(7) introduction to JFP special files

jaio(7I) interface to Japanese I/O modules

jconv7(7M) code conversion STREAMS module (7-bit JIS/Japanese EUC)

jconv8(7M) code conversion STREAMS module (8-bit JIS/Japanese EUC)

jconvrs(7M) code conversion STREAMS module (Japanese EUC/PC kanji)

jconvru(7M) code conversion STREAMS module (Japanese EUC/UTF---8)

jconvs(7M) code conversion STREAMS module (PC kanji/Japanese EUC)

jconvu(7M) code conversion STREAMS module (UTF-8/Japanese EUC)




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