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nsr_schedule - NetWorker resource type "NSR schedule"  


type: NSR schedule  


Each NetWorker schedule is described by a single resource of type NSR schedule (see nsr_resource(5)). To edit the NSR schedule resources for a NetWorker server, type:
nsradmin -c "type:NSR schedule"
See nsradmin(8) for more information on using the NetWorker administration program.

This resource describes a sequence of levels controlling the amount of data saved by NetWorker clients (see nsr_client(5)). There is one NSR schedule resource for each NetWorker schedule.  


The following attributes are defined for resource type NSR schedule. The information in parentheses describes how the attribute values are accessed. Read-only indicates that the value cannot be changed by an administrator. Read/write means the value can be set as well as read. Several additional hidden attributes (e.g., administrator) are common to all resources, and are described in nsr_resource(5).

This attribute specifies the schedule's name. The schedule is referred to by its name in client resources.
Example: name: monthly_fulls;
comment (read/write)
This attribute is provided for the administrator to keep any explanatory remarks or supplementary information about the schedule.
This attribute specifies the length of the schedule's period. It may be either "Week" or "Month". "Week" schedules repeat every 7 days and start on Sunday. "Month" schedules start over at the first of each month. The default is "Week."
Example: period: Month;
This attribute specifies the sequence of save levels making up the schedule. One entry is used for each day of the schedule. The entries must be separated by whitespace, i.e., blanks or tabs. The valid levels are "consolidate," "full," "incr," "skip," and the numbers 1 through 9. The actions consolidate, full, incr, and skip may be abbreviated "c," "f," "i," and "s," respectively.

When the action attribute does not contain enough entries to account for every day in the period, NetWorker will repeat the list of actions when the end of the action list is reached.
Example: action: f i i i i i i;

This attribute specifies a list of actions and dates overriding the actions specified in the action attribute. The format of the override specification is action date. action must be one of "full," "incr," "skip," or one of the numbers 1 through 9. date must be either a fixed date or recurring date. Fixed date is of the form "month/day/year." Month and day are 2 digit numbers, year may be either 2 or 4 digits. If the year is 2 digits, numbers in the range 70-99 are assumed to be offsets from 1900, those in the range 00-69 are assumed to be offset from 2000. Recurring date is of the form `[ number ] weekday every [ number ] period'. number can be a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) or an ordinal (first, second, third, etc.), and it is optional. weekday must be one of "monday," "tuesday," "wednesday," "thursday," "friday," "saturday," "sunday." The use of "last" for number is not supported (for example, "last friday" cannot be used to refer to the last Friday of the month). period must be one of "week," "month," "quarter," or "year." Action/date pairs are separated by commas (`,').
Example: override: full 1/1/1994, full first friday every 2 week;


The following defines a NSR schedule resource named "Default." The Default schedule may be modified, but it may not be deleted. Each NetWorker server must have a Default schedule. This schedule has a period of one week, does a full save on Sunday, followed by 6 incremental saves. There are no override actions specified.

           type:NSR schedule;
           action:f i i i i i i;

The following defines a schedule named "quarterly." It has a period of one month. The action attribute specifies level 5, 9, and incremental saves. In the override attribute, full saves are specified for the first day of each quarter. Note that there are only 7 entries in the action attribute. Upon reaching the end of the list, NetWorker will start over at the beginning of the list, performing a level 5 save.

           type:NSR schedule;
           action:5 incr incr incr 9 incr incr;
           override:f 1/1/1994, f 3/1/1994, f 6/1/1994, f 9/1/1994, f 1/1/1995;



nsr(8), savefs(8), mminfo(8), nsradmin(8), nsr_client(5), nsr_policy(5), nsr_resource(5),




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