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Section: Standards, Environments, and Macros (5)
Updated: 13 Aug 1998
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Intro_jfp, intro_jfp - introduction to miscellany  


Among the topics presented in this section are:

Headers The header (.h) files fcntl, floatingpoint, math, langinfo, nl_types, siginfo, signal, stat, stdarg, types, ucontext, values, varargs, and wait (on the wstat page) are described.

Environments The user environment (environ), the subset of the user environment that depends on language and cultural conventions (locale), the large file compilation environment (lfcompile), and the transitional compilation environment (lfcompile64) are described.

Macros The macros to format Reference Manual pages (man and mansun) as well as other text format macros (me, mm, and ms) are described.

Characters Tables of character sets (ascii, charmap, eqnchar, and iconv), file format notation (formats), file name pattern matching (fnmatch), and regular expressions (regex and regexp) are presented.

FNS Topics concerning the Federated Naming Service (fns, fns_initial_context, fns_policies, and fns_references) are discussed.

Standards The POSIX (IEEE) Standards and the X/Open Specifications are described on the standards page.



Name Description

Intro_jfp(5) introduction to miscellany

eucJP(5) map between Japanese EUC and character set

eucjp(5) See eucJP(5)

iconv_ja(5) code set conversions in ja locale

PCK(5) map between PCK and character set

pck(5) See PCK(5)




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