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Section: File Formats (4)
Updated: 10 Jan 2003
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Intro_jfp, intro_jfp - introduction to JFP file formats  


This section outlines the formats of JFP various files. The C structure declarations for the file formats are given where applicable. Usually, the headers containing these structure declarations can be found in the directories /usr/include or /usr/include/sys. For inclusion in C language programs, however, the syntax #include <filename.h> or #include <sys/filename.h> should be used.

Because the operating system now allows the existence of multiple file system types, there are several instances of multiple manual pages with the same name. These pages all display the name of the FSType to which they pertain, in the form name_fstype at the top of the page. For example, fs_ufs.  


Name Description

Intro_jfp(4) introduction to JFP file formats

atok12wordlist(4) Text word file for ATOK12 dictionary utilitiy

css.conf(4) CS starting information file

jserverrc(4) Initialization file for Wnn6 Kana-Kanji conversion server

sdtudc_map(4) User defined character conversion map file

uumkey(4) Wnn6 Kana-Kanji conversion key binding definition file

uumrc(4) xjsi and uum initialization file

wnnenvrc(4) Wnn6 Kana-Kanji conversion dictionary/conversion parameter configuration file

wnnhosts(4) Wnn6 Kana-Kanji conversion server/dictionary lookup server access control file

wnn_2A_CTRL(4) Change input conversion mode definition table

wnn_2B_ROMKANA(4) Roman character Kana conversion definition table

wnn_automaton(4) Automaton

wnn_cvt_key_tbl(4) Kana-Kanji conversion front end processor (uum) key code conversion table file

wnn_cvt_xim_tbl(4) Key conversion table for xjsi Wnn6 part of speech administration file

wnn_mode(4) Mode definition table

wnn_serverdefs(4) Wnn6 Kana-Kanji conversion server connection parameter configuration file

wnn_ximrc(4) xjsi configuration file




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