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Section: File Formats (4)
Updated: 21 Dec 2004
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Intro, intro - introduction to file formats  


This section outlines the formats of various files. The C structure declarations for the file formats are given where applicable. Usually, the headers containing these structure declarations can be found in the directories /usr/include or /usr/include/sys. For inclusion in C language programs, however, the syntax #include <filename.h> or #include <sys/filename.h> should be used.  


Name Description

NIS+LDAPmapping(4) configuration file for mapping between NIS+ and LDAP

NISLDAPmapping(4) mapping file used by the NIS server components

TIMEZONE(4) set default system time zone and locale

a.out(4) Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files

addresses(4) See aliases(4)

admin(4) installation defaults file

alias(4) alias table file of encoding names

aliases(4) addresses and aliases for sendmail

archives(4) device header

asetenv(4) ASET environment file

asetmasters(4) ASET master files

au(4) AU audio file format

audit.log(4) audit trail file

audit_class(4) audit class definitions

audit_control(4) control information for system audit daemon

audit_data(4) current information on audit daemon

audit_event(4) audit event definition and class mapping

audit_user(4) per-user auditing data file

auth_attr(4) authorization description database

autofs(4) file containing parameter values for automountd daemon and automount command

bart_manifest(4) system audit manifest file

bart_rules(4) bart rules file

bootparams(4) boot parameter data base

cdtoc(4) CD-ROM table of contents file

cklist.high(4) See asetmasters(4)

cklist.low(4) See asetmasters(4) See asetmasters(4)

clustertoc(4) cluster table of contents description file

compver(4) compatible versions file

contents(4) list of files and associated packages

contract(4) the contract file system

copyright(4) copyright information file

core(4) process core file

crypt.conf(4) configuration file for pluggable crypt modules

crypto_certs(4) directory for certificate files for Solaris Cryptographic Framework

d_passwd(4) dial-up password file

dacf.conf(4) device auto-configuration configuration file

dat.conf(4) DAT static registry

default_fs(4) specify the default file system type for local or remote file systems

defaultdomain(4) s

defaultrouter(4) configuration file for default router(s)

depend(4) software dependencies file

device_allocate(4) device_allocate file

device_maps(4) device_maps file

 device configuration information 

devid_cache(4) See devices(4)

dfstab(4) file containing commands for sharing resources across a network

dhcp_inittab(4) information repository for DHCP options

dhcp_network(4) DHCP network tables

dhcpsvc.conf(4) file containing service configuration parameters for the DHCP service

dhcptab(4) DHCP configuration parameter table

dialups(4) list of terminal devices requiring a dial-up password

dir(4) See dir_ufs(4)

dir_ufs(4) format of ufs directories

driver.conf(4) driver configuration files

dumpdates(4) See ufsdump(4)

environ(4) user-preference variables files for AT[amp ]T FACE

ethers(4) Ethernet address to hostname database or domain

exec_attr(4) execution profiles database

fbtab(4) See logindevperm(4)

fd(4) file descriptor files

flash_archive(4) format of flash archive

format.dat(4) disk drive configuration for the format command

forward(4) See aliases(4)

fs(4) See default_fs(4)

fspec(4) format specification in text files

fstypes(4) file that registers distributed file system packages

ftp(4) FTP client configuration file

ftpaccess(4) FTP Server configuration file

ftpconversions(4) FTP Server conversions database

ftpgroups(4) FTP Server enhanced group access file

ftphosts(4) FTP Server individual user host access file

ftpservers(4) FTP Server virtual hosting configuration file

ftpusers(4) file listing users to be disallowed ftp login privileges

fx_dptbl(4) fixed priority dispatcher parameter table

gateways(4) configuration file for /usr/sbin/in.routed IPv4 network routing daemon

geniconvtbl(4) geniconvtbl input file format

group(4) group file

gsscred.conf(4) Generic Security Services credential configuration file

hba.conf(4) configuration file for the HBAAPI library

holidays(4) prime/nonprime table for the accounting system

hosts(4) host name database

hosts.equiv(4) trusted remote hosts and users

ib(4) InfiniBand device driver configuration files

idnkit.pc(4) meta information data file for libidnkit

ike.config(4) configuration file for IKE policy

ike.preshared(4) pre-shared keys file for IKE

inet_type(4) default Internet protocol type

inetd.conf(4) Internet servers database

init.d(4) initialization and termination scripts for changing init states

inittab(4) script for init

ipaddrsel.conf(4) IPv6 default address selection policy

ipf(4) IP packet filter rule syntax

ipf.conf(4) See ipf(4)

ipnat(4) IP NAT file format

ipnat.conf(4) See ipnat(4)

ipnodes(4) local database associating names of nodes with IP addresses

ippool(4) IP pool file format

ippool.conf(4) See ippool(4)

isa(4) See sysbus(4)

issue(4) issue identification file

kadm5.acl(4) Kerberos access control list (ACL) file

kdc.conf(4) Key Distribution Center (KDC) configuration file

keytables(4) keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys

krb5.conf(4) Kerberos configuration file

ldapfilter.conf(4) configuration file for LDAP filtering routines

ldapsearchprefs.conf(4) configuration file for LDAP search preference routines

ldaptemplates.conf(4) configuration file for LDAP display template routines

llc2(4) LLC2 Configuration file

logadm.conf(4) configuration file for logadm command

logindevperm(4) login-based device permissions

loginlog(4) log of failed login attempts

lutab(4) list of boot environments

magic(4) file command's magic number file See Solaris Volume Manager utility files metadevice state database replica locations

mech(4) mechanism and QOP files

meddb(4) mediator data file

mipagent.conf(4) configuration file for Mobile IP mobility agent

mnttab(4) mounted file system table

mod_ipp(4) Embedded Internet Print Protocol (IPP) listener for the Apache HTTP server

nca.if(4) the NCA configuration file that specifies physical interfaces

ncad_addr(4) name of the Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA) socket utility library

ncakmod.conf(4) the ncakmod configuration file

ncalogd.conf(4) NCA logging configuration file

ncaport.conf(4) ncaport configuration file

ndpd.conf(4) configuration file for IPv6 router autoconfiguration

netconfig(4) network configuration database

netgroup(4) list of network groups

netid(4) netname database

netmasks(4) network mask database

netrc(4) file for ftp remote login data

networks(4) network name database

nfs(4) file containing parameter values for NFS-related daemons

nfslog.conf(4) NFS server logging configuration file

nfssec.conf(4) list NFS security modes

nisfiles(4) NIS+ database files and directory structure

nodename(4) local source for system name

nologin(4) message displayed to users attempting to log on in the process of a system shutdown

note(4) specify legal annotations

notrouter(4) flag to turn off IPv4 routing

nscd.conf(4) name service cache daemon configuration

nss(4) configuration file for initgroups

nsswitch.conf(4) configuration file for the name service switch

order(4) package installation order description file

ott(4) FACE object architecture information

packagetoc(4) package table of contents description file

packingrules(4) packing rules file for cachefs and filesync

pam.conf(4) configuration file for pluggable authentication modules

passwd(4) password file

path_to_inst(4) device instance number file

pathalias(4) alias file for FACE

pci(4) configuration files for PCI device drivers

pcmcia(4) PCMCIA nexus driver

phones(4) remote host phone number database

pkginfo(4) package characteristics file

pkgmap(4) package contents description file

platform(4) directory of files specifying supported platforms

plot(4B) graphics interface

policy.conf(4) configuration file for security policy

power.conf(4) Power Management configuration information file

pref(4) See environ(4)

printers(4) user-configurable printer alias database

printers.conf(4) system printing configuration database

priv_names(4) privilege definition file

proc(4) /proc, the process file system

process(4) process contract type

prof_attr(4) profile description database

profile(4) setting up an environment for user at login time

project(4) project file

protocols(4) protocol name database

prototype(4) package information file

pseudo(4) configuration files for pseudo device drivers

publickey(4) public key database

qop(4) See mech(4)

queuedefs(4) queue description file for at, batch, and cron

rcmscript(4) script interface specification for the Reconfiguration and Coordination Manager

remote(4) remote host description file

resolv.conf(4) resolver configuration file

rhosts(4) See hosts.equiv(4)

rmmount.conf(4) removable media mounter configuration file

rmtab(4) remote mounted file system table

rndc.conf(4) rndc configuration file

rpc(4) rpc program number data base

rpc.nisd(4) configuration file for NIS+ service daemon

rpld.conf(4) Remote Program Load (RPL) server configuration file

rt_dptbl(4) real-time dispatcher parameter table

sasl_appname.conf(4) SASL options and configuration file

sbus(4) configuration files for SBus device drivers

sccsfile(4) format of an SCCS history file

scsi(4) configuration files for SCSI target drivers

securenets(4) configuration file for NIS security

service_bundle(4) service manifest file format

service_provider.conf(4) service provider configuration file

services(4) Internet services and aliases

shadow(4) shadow password file

sharetab(4) shared file system table

shells(4) shell database

slp.conf(4) configuration file for Service Location Protocol agents

slpd.reg(4) serialized registration file for the service location protocol daemon (slpd)

snapshot_cache(4) See devices(4)

snmp.conf(4) configuration file for the Net-SNMP applications

snmp_config(4) overview of Net-SNMP configuration files

snmp_variables(4) format of specifying variable names to SNMP tools

snmpd.conf(4) configuration file for the Net-SNMP agent

snmptrapd.conf(4) configuration file for the Net-SNMP trap daemon

sock2path(4) file that maps sockets to transport providers

space(4) disk space requirement file

ssh_config(4) ssh configuration file

sshd_config(4) sshd configuration file

sulog(4) su command log file

synclist(4) list of files to be synchronized when changing from one boot environment to another

sysbus(4) device tree propertie

sysidcfg(4) system identification configuration file

syslog.conf(4) configuration file for syslogd system log daemon

system(4) system configuration information file

telnetrc(4) file for telnet default options

term(4) format of compiled term file

terminfo(4) terminal and printer capability database

timezone(4) default timezone data base

tnf_kernel_probes(4) TNF kernel probes

ts_dptbl(4) time-sharing dispatcher parameter table

ttydefs(4) file contains terminal line settings information for ttymon

ttysrch(4) directory search list for ttyname

tune.high(4) See asetmasters(4)

tune.low(4) See asetmasters(4) See asetmasters(4)

ufsdump(4) incremental dump format

uid_aliases(4) See asetmasters(4)

updaters(4) configuration file for NIS updating

user_attr(4) extended user attributes database

utmp(4) utmp and wtmp database entry formats

utmpx(4) utmpx and wtmpx database entry formats

variables(4) See environ(4)

vfstab(4) table of file system defaults

vhci_cache(4) See devices(4)

vold.conf(4) volume management configuration file

volume-config(4) Solaris Volume Manager volume configuration information for top down volume creation with metassist

volume-defaults(4) See volume-request(4)

volume-request(4) Solaris Volume Manager configuration information for top down volume creation with metassist

wanboot.conf(4) repository for WANboot configuration data

warn.conf(4) Kerberos warning configuration file

wtmp(4) See utmp(4)

wtmpx(4) See utmpx(4)

xferlog(4) FTP Server transfer log file

ypfiles(4) Network Information Service Version 2, formerly knows as YP

yppasswdd(4) configuration file for rpc.yppasswdd (NIS password daemon)

ypserv(4) configuration file for NIS to LDAP transition daemons

zoneinfo(4) timezone information




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