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Section: Headers (3HEAD)
Updated: 10 Sep 2003
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syslog.h, syslog - definitions for system error logging  


#include <syslog.h>


The <syslog.h> header defines the following symbolic constants, zero or more of which can be OR'ed together to form the logopt option of openlog():

LOG_PID Log the process ID with each message.

LOG_CONS Log to the system console on error.

LOG_NDELAY Connect to syslog daemon immediately.

LOG_ODELAY Delay open until syslog() is called.

LOG_NOWAIT Do not wait for child processes.

The following symbolic constants are defined as possible values of the facility argument to openlog():

LOG_KERN reserved for message generated by the system

LOG_USER message generated by a process

LOG_MAIL reserved for message generated by mail system

LOG_NEWS reserved for message generated by news system

LOG_UUCP reserved for message generated by UUCP system

LOG_DAEMON reserved for message generated by system daemon

LOG_AUTH reserved for message generated by authorization daemon

LOG_CRON reserved for message generated by clock daemon

LOG_LPR reserved for message generated by printer system

LOG_LOCAL0 reserved for local use

LOG_LOCAL1 reserved for local use

LOG_LOCAL2 reserved for local use

LOG_LOCAL3 reserved for local use

LOG_LOCAL4 reserved for local use

LOG_LOCAL5 reserved for local use

LOG_LOCAL6 reserved for local use

LOG_LOCAL7 reserved for local use

The following is declared as a macro for constructing the maskpri argument to setlogmask(). The following macro expands to an expression of type int when the argument pri is an expre ssion of type int:

LOG_MASK(pri) a mask for priority pri

The following constants are defined as possible values for the priority argument of syslog():

LOG_EMERG A panic condition was reported to all processes.

LOG_ALERT A condition that should be corrected immediately.

LOG_CRIT A critical condition.

LOG_ERR An error message.

LOG_WARNING A warning message.

LOG_NOTICE A condition requiring special handling.

LOG_INFO A general information message.

LOG_DEBUG A message useful for debugging programs.



See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface StabilityStandard



syslog(3C), attributes(5), standards(5)




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