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Section: Curses Library Functions (3CURSES)
Updated: 31 Dec 1996
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form_driver - command processor for the forms subsystem  


cc [ flag... ] file... -lform -lcurses [ library... ]
#include <form.h>

int form_driver(FORM *form, int c);  


The form_driver() function is the workhorse of the forms subsystem; it checks to determine whether the character c is a forms request or data. If it is a request, the form driver executes the request and reports the result. If it is data (a printable ASCII character), it enters the data into the current position in the current field. If it is not recognized, the form driver assumes it is an application-defined command and returns E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND. Application defined commands should be defined relative to MAX_COMMAND, the maximum value of a request listed below.

Form driver requests:

REQ_NEXT_PAGE Move to the next page.

REQ_PREV_PAGE Move to the previous page.

REQ_FIRST_PAGE Move to the first page.

REQ_LAST_PAGE Move to the last page.

REQ_NEXT_FIELD Move to the next field.

REQ_PREV_FIELD Move to the previous field.

REQ_FIRST_FIELD Move to the first field.

REQ_LAST_FIELD Move to the last field.

REQ_SNEXT_FIELD Move to the sorted next field.

REQ_SPREV_FIELD Move to the sorted prev field.

REQ_SFIRST_FIELD Move to the sorted first field.

REQ_SLAST_FIELD Move to the sorted last field.

REQ_LEFT_FIELD Move left to field.

REQ_RIGHT_FIELD Move right to field.

REQ_UP_FIELD Move up to field.

REQ_DOWN_FIELD Move down to field.

REQ_NEXT_CHAR Move to the next character in the field.

REQ_PREV_CHAR Move to the previous character in the field.

REQ_NEXT_LINE Move to the next line in the field.

REQ_PREV_LINE Move to the previous line in the field.

REQ_NEXT_WORD Move to the next word in the field.

REQ_PREV_WORD Move to the previous word in the field.

REQ_BEG_FIELD Move to the first char in the field.

REQ_END_FIELD       Move after the last char in the field.

REQ_BEG_LINE Move to the beginning of the line.

REQ_END_LINE Move after the last char in the line.

REQ_LEFT_CHAR Move left in the field.

REQ_RIGHT_CHAR Move right in the field.

REQ_UP_CHAR Move up in the field.

REQ_DOWN_CHAR Move down in the field.

REQ_NEW_LINE Insert/overlay a new line.

REQ_INS_CHAR Insert the blank character at the cursor.

REQ_INS_LINE Insert a blank line at the cursor.

REQ_DEL_CHAR Delete the character at the cursor.

REQ_DEL_PREV Delete the character before the cursor.

REQ_DEL_LINE Delete the line at the cursor.

REQ_DEL_WORD Delete the word at the cursor.

REQ_CLR_EOL Clear to the end of the line.

REQ_CLR_EOF Clear to the end of the field.

REQ_CLR_FIELD Clear the entire field.

REQ_OVL_MODE Enter overlay mode.

REQ_INS_MODE Enter insert mode.

REQ_SCR_FLINE Scroll the field forward a line.

REQ_SCR_BLINE Scroll the field backward a line.

REQ_SCR_FPAGE Scroll the field forward a page.

REQ_SCR_BPAGE       Scroll the field backward a page.

REQ_SCR_FHPAGE Scroll the field forward half a page.

REQ_SCR_BHPAGE Scroll the field backward half a page.

REQ_SCR_FCHAR Horizontal scroll forward a character.

REQ_SCR_BCHAR       Horizontal scroll backward a character

REQ_SCR_HFLINE Horizontal scroll forward a line.

REQ_SCR_HBLINE Horizontal scroll backward a line.

REQ_SCR_HFHALF Horizontal scroll forward half a line.

REQ_SCR_HBHALF Horizontal scroll backward half a line.

REQ_VALIDATION Validate field.

REQ_PREV_CHOICE Display the previous field choice.

REQ_NEXT_CHOICE Display the next field choice.



The form_driver() function returns one of the following:

E_OK The function returned successfully.

E_SYSTEM_ERROR System error.

E_BAD_ARGUMENT An argument is incorrect.

E_NOT_POSTED The form is not posted.

E_INVALID_FIELD The field contents are invalid.

E_BAD_STATE The routine was called from an initialization or termination function.

E_REQUEST_DENIED The form driver request failed.

E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND An unknown request was passed to the form driver.



See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:




curses(3CURSES), forms(3CURSES), attributes(5)  


The header <form.h> automatically includes the headers <eti.h> and <curses.h>.




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