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Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
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nsrmmdbd - NetWorker media management database daemon  




The nsrmmdbd daemon provides an RPC-based database service to the nsrd(1m) and nsrmmd(1m) daemons, and query-only access to the NetWorker clients. The RPC program number provided by nsrmmdbd is 390107. The RPC version numbers provided by nsrmmdbd are 3, 4, and 5. Nsrmmdbd is normally started by nsrd(1m).

The daemon manages a ``volume, save set and client id database'' located in the directory /nsr/mm/mmvolume6. The primary purpose of the database is to remember which save sets reside on which backup volumes. The database also provides the client name mapping to the internally used client identifier. Numerous access methods are provided to save set, volume and client id map records within the database.  


Directory containing the media database.
For performance and space reasons, the database is periodically rebuilt (or compressed). This file is created each time the database is compressed; its associated ctime is used to determine the next time that the database will be compressed. The database compression can be invoked by removing this file and running nsrim. This is not recommended while the NetWorker server is actively saving or recovering data.
This temporary file is created to hold the media database information that will be saved to a volume by nsrmmdbasm(1m). A unique file name is generated by utilizing <n>, a 6 digit hex number appended as part of the file name.
The file (created by nsrmmdbasm) that is read when the media database information is being recovered.
A temporary directory created when recovering or compressing the media database.
An empty file is used to track the last time that the program nsrim was started to perform maintenance on the NetWorker databases.
The file to which Networker daemons writes the log messages.



mmrecov(1m), nsr(1m), nsrd(1m), nsrim(1m), nsrmmd(1m), nsrmmdbasm(1m), nsrmm(1m), nsr_render_log(1m), mminfo(1m)  


The nsrmmdbd diagnostic messages will normally be logged to the /nsr/logs/daemon.raw file.

Besides the messages listed below, nsrmmdbd may generate other diagnostics. Any diagnostics other than those listed below indicate a serious problem with the media database. It may be necessary to recover your media database using mmrecov(1m) if that occurs.

media db is converting, this may take a while
Any media databases created prior to the NetWorker 7.? (KeyStone) release have to be converted (once) to the new database format. The database is converted to current version.
media database conversion completed successfully
Printed when the conversion is completed successfully.
media conversion failed! reason
Printed when the conversion is terminates unsuccessfully. A more detailed reason may be appended to the message. NetWorker cannot work until the media database is converted successfully.
media db is saving its data, this may take a while
Printed when the daemon is dumping its records to a temporary file when the database is being backed up. The service is unavailable while the database is dumping.
media db is recovering, this may take a while
Printed when the daemon is reloading its database. The service is unavailable while the data is being reloaded.
media db is checking btrees
Printed each time the daemon is restarted. Upon start-up, the daemon performs sanity checks on the database search indexes.
media db is consistency checking the database
Printed each time the daemon is restarted. Upon start-up, after the database search indexes are checked, the database is checked for incomplete records.
media db is open for business
Printed after any of the previous messages are printed to indicate that the service is once again available.
media db is closed
Printed after the media database is successfully shutdown.
A copy of this process is already running!
Another copy of nsrmmdbd(1m) is currently running and has exclusive access to the media database. Only one nsrmmdbd process should be running on a given machine at a time. This can happen if the previous nsrmmdbd was not properly killed off. Use nsr_shutdown(1m) or ps(1) and kill(1) to identify and kill off all the NetWorker daemons before restarting nsrd(1m) again.
Cannot open lock file
An internal error, check the permissions on the /nsr/tmp and /nsr/mm directories.




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