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Section: System Administration Commands (1M)
Updated: 12 Dec 2001
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nisbackup - backup NIS+ directories  


nisbackup [-v] backup-dir directory...

nisbackup [-v] -a backup-dir



nisbackup backs up a NIS+ directory object on a NIS+ master server. Updates to the NIS+ database will be temporarily disabled while nisbackup is running. The backup-dir is a UNIX directory that must exist prior to running nisbackup. The nisbackup command can be used to backup an individual NIS+ directory object or all ( -a) of the NIS+ directory objects served by a master server. The NIS+ directory objects being backed up will be placed into subdirectories under the backup-dir directory. These subdirectories are named according to the NIS+ directory object they contain. nisbackup operates on individual NIS+ directory objects (for example, This allows an administrator to selectively backup specific directories.

The rpc.nisd(1M) process must be running on the master server with a stable NIS+ database for nisbackup to complete. nisbackup will not attempt to correct any corruption in the NIS+ database, so it is important that backups be done regularly as part of the NIS+ administration.

The first synopsis is used to backup a single NIS+ directory object or a list of NIS+ directory objects. The objects can be partially qualified or fully qualified. The machine on which the command is executing must be the master for the NIS+ directory objects specified.

The second synopsis will backup all of the NIS+ directory objects that are served by this master. The -a option is the recommended method of backing up a master server, since it will backup all NIS+ directory objects that are served by this master. If this server is a master server for more than one domain, the backup will include NIS+ directories that belong to all of the domains served. Individual NIS+ directory objects can be selected for restoring from a backup-dir created with the -a option. See nisrestore(1M).

The -a option only includes directory objects for which this server is the master. It is possible, but not recommended, to configure a master server as a replica for other domains. The objects belonging to those replicated domains will not be backed up with the -a option. The backup of replicated objects must be run on the master server for those objects.

Do not use the same backup-dir to backup different master servers. Each master server must have its own backup-dir.

nisbackup will set the rpc.nisd(1M) to read only mode, which will disable updates to the NIS+ database. This is neccessary to ensure the consistency of the backup. For this reason, nisbackup should not be run while large numbers of updates are being applied to the NIS+ database. Update utilities such as nisaddent(1M) should not be run simultaneously with nisbackup.  



Creates a backup of all NIS+ directory objects for which this server is a master.


Verbose option. Additional output will be produced and sent to syslog(3C) upon execution of the command (see syslog.conf(4)).




The directory into which the subdirectories containing the backed up objects are placed. This must be created prior to running nisbackup.


The NIS+ directory object(s) being backed up.



Example 1 Backup of the org_dir NIS+ directory object of the domain on a master server to a directory named /backup

To backup the org_dir NIS+ directory object of the domain on a master server to a directory named /backup:

master_server# nisbackup /backup

Example 2 Backup of the entire NIS+ domain to a directory named /backup

To backup the entire NIS+ domain to a directory named /backup:

master_server# nisbackup /backup \

Example 3 Backup of an entire NIS+ database to a backup directory named /backup

To backup an entire NIS+ database to a backup directory named /backup:

master_server# nisbackup -a /backup 




Successful completion.


An error occurred.




This ascii file contains a list of all the objects contained in this backup-dir directory.


A subdirectory that is created in the backup-dir that contains the NIS+ directory-object backup.


A subdirectory that contains the data files that are part of the NIS+ directory-object backup.


This data file contains timestamp information about the directory-object.


A NIS+ data dictionary for all of the objects contained in the NIS+ directory-object backup.



See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:





NIS+(1), nisdefaults(1), nisrm(1), nisrestore(1M), rpc.nisd(1M), syslog(3C), nisfiles(4), syslog.conf(4), attributes(5)  


NIS+ might not be supported in future releases of the Solaris operating system. Tools to aid the migration from NIS+ to LDAP are available in the current Solaris release. For more information, visit




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