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libsji - Standard Jukebox Interface (SJI) Library  


The Standard Jukebox Interface (SJI) is a public set of interfaces that NetWorker uses to communicate with jukeboxes. Generally the function of this library is to convert SJI commands, as formed by NetWorker, to the appropriate SCSI commands (since most autochangers are SCSI based). But the underlying attachment to the jukebox is irrelevant to the functioning of this interface.

There are three entry points into this library:

void * sji_open ( char * devname )
This opens a channel to an SJI compliant jukebox, named devname. A channel token, of type void * is returned if the channel is opened successfully, otherwise a channel token of type NULL is returned. The device name devame can be a specific ordinal SCSI address, for example, scsidev@b.t.l, where b is the logical scsi bus, t is the SCSI target, and l is the SCSI logical unit number (LUN) on that target. For platforms that do not use EMC device drivers, the device name can also be a platform-specific style device name, for example, /dev/sjid1u1.
int sji_cmd ( void *token, int cmd, void *arg )
This sends an SJI command to the device opened by the sji_open command.
void sji_close ( void *token )
This closes a channel to the device opened by the call made to the sji_open command.


The location of the SJI library varies from platform to platform.




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