iLO Cheat Sheet

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This is a list of handy key combinations I use when working with the HP iLO on some DL145 servers I manage.

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Lights-Out 100 Management
Copyright 2000-2004 QLogic Corporation
Copyright 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Type 'HELP' for options.  Type 'QUIT' to return to console.

Help menu

Lights-Out> help
CLI Commands:
   C[hangePassword] <enter>
   P[ower] <ON, OFF> <enter>
   I[PMICommand] <ipmb command data> <enter>
   SEN[sorStatus] <enter>
   SD[RRead] <enter>
   SEL[Read] <enter>
   N[etwork setup] <enter>
   R[eset] <WARM, COLD> <enter> (Host Reset)
   V[ersion] <enter>
   H[ELP] <enter>
   Q[UIT] <enter>

Shortcuts, Hotkeys and Keystrokes

To enter the virtual serial console: ESC, Q
To return to the Lights-Out Console: ESC, (